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Tesla Stock Is Surging Again. Good Inflation Data Are Helping. (Video)

Tesla stock is on the rise for the third consecutive day the recent surge in Tesla's stock can be attributed to the latest inflation data the Consumer Price Index Rose by 3.2% year-over-year in October beating economists expectations of 3.3% lower inflation is seen as positive for stocks as it indicates that the federal reserve's […]

tata motors share latest news | tata motors analysis | tata motors target | best ev stock to buy (Video)

प्रियरंजन और आज की इस एपिसोड में डिस्कस करेंगे टा मोटर्स स्टॉक के बारे में इस समय स्टॉक 653 के प्राइस पे ट्रेड कर रहा है कुछ बड़े अपडेट्स भी इस स्टॉक में हैं और बहुत क्वेरी आ रहा है कि सर टा टेक्नोलॉजी के जो आईपीओ आ रहे हैं क्या फ्री में शेयर मिलेगा […]

Elon Musk biopic in development (Video)

so we're going to stick with with movies and not superheroes here with Elon Musk so uh apparently the musk biography penned by Walter RIS is going to be uh basically made into a movie a24 the super hot studio is GNA going to do this with apparently Darren aronowski uh director dour director aour […]


welcome back to another video well a new video I haven't talked about Tesla in a standalone video in a long time it's been a while I'm talking about Tesla y let's look at this daily chart here as it just mirrors this thing breaking out of this wede that's what it looks like to […]

🗣📢 TSLA STOCK HUGE?! (must watch analysis) (Video)

is sitting at $24.70 and as we can see right here why where is this thing going next just from looking at the price at the 4 Hour we we can clearly see just by looking at like let's follow the trend together broke down from this then here we broke bullish structure coming back […]

Short sellers now have EV, renewable energy stocks in sights (Video)

as the green energy space struggles the short sellers are now coming out and e fay is here with the details andz yeah that's right Josh short sellers are going after green energy stocks EV stocks as well and this is from a report from Hazel tree this is a firm a treasury and liquidity […]

The Hidden Danger of Tesla Stock: Is New Battery Technology a Threat? (Video)

in the exciting world of electric cars Elon Musk and Tesla are the leaders of a big change they make many electric cars and have lots of special charging stations called superchargers all over the country but there's a new kit on the Block a strong strong competitor called the unitized regenerative fuel cell system […]

COMPRA YA EL MODEL Y: Va a subir de precio! (Video)

muy buenas amigos qué tal Cómo estáis bienvenidos un día más a este vuestro canal son las 6:30 de la mañana estoy de Cam a Madrid y os quiero contar una noticia relevante sobre los model y habréis visto que en las últimas días y horas el model y en España ha reducido precio y […]

Tesla Stock Price Analysis | Time to Buy? (Video)

yo what's up guys today I'm going to be talking about Tesla stock and if I think it's a good time to buy so to start off I'm going go over some recent news and then we can see what's going on inside the company firstly Tesla recently ran into a pretty big problem with […]