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Report Alleges Tether Used Fraudulent Documents to Access Global Banking Accounts via Crypto Firms, Raises Terrorist Financing Concerns

An investigation by the Wall Street Journal suggests that Tether used deceitful methods to gain access to global banking accounts through crypto firms. The Wall Street Journal discovered that Tether opened accounts using different corporate names with executives bearing slightly different names than established executives. The Wall Street Journal reviewed documents that showed Taiwanese accounts […]

Majority of Crypto Community Sees Advantages in Owning NFTs, Survey Finds

A recent joint report by DappRadar and Alsomine has found that owning non-fungible tokens (NFTs) is widely viewed as advantageous by the majority of respondents. In total, 92% of participants noted the benefits of NFT ownership, while 52% ranked the ability to purchase NFTs with credit cards among their top two priorities. The survey of […]