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welcome back to uh Jasmine video update today and uh Jasmine right now seems like it’s still trying to come down uh due to bitcoin as well so Bitcoin is you know pumping and consolidating for the past few days so it has a very similar structure if you if you look at Bitcoin right here then you got Bitcoin that you know came down moved sideways and I don’t know if it’s trying to create a bearish rectangle to go all the way to the downside right there and secondly you do have jasmi that has created the sideways movement and we’re still holding support now you see Jasmine right now and Bitcoin both are almost identical to what they’re doing and I’m gonna tell you why number one you got a double top and you have a neckline here that when you lose it you’re looking for a very very big drop in a technical Target all the way to the downside there that’s going to be very very massive okay really really big drop number two if I show you Bitcoin right now it’s still doing almost the very same thing right just like you have a double top on Jasmine you got this left shoulder head in the right shoulder but Bitcoin is still holding support look at that okay Boom the neckline isn’t really lost the touches are there the touches are here the neckline is still in play okay we haven’t lost the support just yet and if you look at jasme even though you have a double top scenario right now but the neckline is equally holding as well for me I’ve already talked about Bitcoin that if Bitcoin is going to 25 800 something like that that’s when you might even look at Jasmine losing this neckline and back testing retesting and failing and then finally drop down and Bitcoin also drops down equally so both of these things are going to be coming down Bitcoin drops down Jasmine drops down as well that’s all that’s all for this update on Jasmine uh signals for June are open we got like seven more days for you to join so that’s it for this update I’m going to see you the next one love is

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