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where is abat going next should you buy sell or maybe wait on American Battery Technology Company in the next one minute I'm going to cover everything regarding abat stock price prediction so let's get right into the Stu into the sauce post Market $918 good looking at abat like just from a broader perspective we are going to see that we do have quite a bit of data and again if you know me and how I like to make my technical analysis cuz I've done this for the last 13,000 videos bam this is beautiful bullish Trend to me perfect the high is at $75 but it really does not matter then overall this whole range is absolutely mental like the low is at 35 cents and the high is at 100 bucks right the difference between the points there is thousands of percentage of of change right like talking about 19,000 per change so yeah it's crazy I mean again still love the weekly and how we broke bullish here would rather just check out the two we so if we start to break below this point then I'm bearish for right now this is a bullish range for me hypothetically so treat it as such if it gives me the confirmation in this the man area I'm expecting it to continue on deliver higher but only if it gives me the information and actually Taps into the zone so we're going to stay and wait to see what's going to happen there still just focusing on my strategy and following my rules if you want to take your trading to the next level join the 550 subscribers to my newsletter for absolutely free stay ahead of your competition and get the most valuable tips and insights for thousands of dollars every Sunday for free in your DM check it out

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