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where is cosd going next should you buy sell or maybe wait on Costco Wholesales in the next one minute I'm going to cover technical analysis price predictions focus on outlooks on cosd stock price prediction so let's get right into the source receiving a 540 564.73 dollars and the always think the first thing that we do we are just taking a quick little bird's eye view and from that point onward I can clearly see that my previous cosd prediction was bullish and it was in February right why do I say that I just look at these lines and I was absolutely correct about the ideation of this movement right here is the proof there seven months ago 35 years only so this is what I did let me actually just copy the link just so I can have proof those are just a little bit bearish and bullish or just bullish from there on right and what did happen the second didn't happen we came back into the demand area and we then just kiddled up so it's absolutely beautiful what's my opinion on Co Steve right now with the same exact idea same exact strategy and keep in mind this is just my perspective and opinion and it's no Financial advice by any means I'm expecting the price to continue and deliver above the highs at 608 bucks right this is based on my previous likes 13 000 videos made in like 400 plus wins gains documented like pictures made in this like six months using the same exact strategy so yeah let me know what is your opinion if you want to take your strategy to the next level you're trading to the next level for absolutely free check out my newsletter sure you're gonna find a lot of valuable stuff how to use a simple strategy and stay ahead of your competition so make sure to join up 150 subscribers

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