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TSLA stock Monday should you buy sell or maybe wait on Tesla stock number one you can see this past week was absolutely beautiful like we definitely closed around like 9% positive or so for the week now looking at Tesla this is my my kind of previous outlook on it again the whole on Tesla is that I'm aiming for this High to continue to get cleared this high is obviously not the alltime high alltime high is around like 414 bucks and 50 cents or whatever but in this situation this is where the HED fund sold out before they B like ball back with Tesla I mean this could obviously be the case if it ever comes into this gray area you know what I mean here I'm actually also going to get rid of this and now because we're putting in this kind of structure right here there's a very good chance that the price starts and still continues to deliver above the highs right this is the demand area they were in both of these demand areas are pretty valid um back from this low and then we're coming back from this so if I ever see this coming into this gray area I'm going to wait for it to continue give me the confirmation to take it still to the high right this is all fractal this is all pretty much the same just on the lower time frame like the same thing is happening on the higher time frame and testly just in a beautiful position but I need to wait for my rules to be met I cannot just add lines like this to the Chart because of again I'm using a strategy that I've tested previously and that has shown to work for me obviously not Financial advice but if you're not trying to gamble anymore again old bipy ology all of this I can sell this course for 725 bucks it's absolutely free you can get a first link in the description

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