dsla going next should you buy sell or maybe weight on Tesla stock in this video I'm going to cover everything regarding technical analysis price section 4 because then I'll lose all below two minutes time and let's get into the sauce we're sitting 248 bucks and 70 27 cents and today it's around one percent down right Tesla has been just is very weird kind of situation at the moment but what a lot of people are not aware of is if you just zoom out to check out all the price you're going to see some beautiful beautiful bullish market right the market is bullish we cannot deny that right so buy that and just being confident overall hard time from the market is bullish what is my opinion okay made 12 000 videos like this only the last seven months I've actually gotten 350 plus wins so we're using the same exact strategy and if you're not using a strategy you're basically just shooting yourself in the foot and you're gambling so my strategy is what following the trend and speaking first these highs to get clear then these ones right here so I can how can we position ourselves now I made videos in my in the past so I still have kind of predictions on the chart that I made in the past so let's see actually how they look like here it is expecting these highs to get cleared 299 bucks like that and my heart African Outlook as if the price ever came into here I'll still kind of wait for the confirmation to still take it higher so let me know what is your opinion on Tesla still waiting to see how that's gonna actually deliver and if you find anybody like the video