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huge video here I got the numbers here in the chart form you're going to see how much money can be made with long dated Treasures talking the 10 the 30 put it all together this could be a massive amount of money but also I'm going to show you how much you can lose depending on what happens with the fed this is interesting for the TMF people out there the TLT for anybody looking for a position that could go crazy up or crazy down I got you this is going to be a big one now also we're going to take a look at the Spy what it is setting up for right now using the chart looking at technicals letting you know exactly where I think things are going it is looking I think and I believe this that we are coming in for a little bit of a bounce and then new higher Highs but stick around like I said I think it just might like what I got for you all right so you know before I get into it make sure you come on over to the patreon I got my stocks over there I'm going to be doing some live streaming and trading in there we're getting we got the Internet fixed yesterday which was huge huge deal I did a a live stream with Dr Stock yesterday at the end of the day after the Comcast left we finally got everything fixed which is a whole different story but it is fixed now so come on over uh we're going to be doing trading on here trading in the stock Squad uh trading over in mine trading everywhere it's going to be all kinds so you got all those different places you can go now what happened yesterday it was a blood bath we had the CPI come out and it was higher than expected everybody's panicking and all the gains that were made all the gains that were made almost for the week were toasted and so over the last 5 days we're still up 6.28% on TMF but it is back down there close to the low fours we don't want that we wanted to break five get on that bull run and it's still ugly I'm going to be honest with you it's still ugly TLT much the same down 2.71 yesterday up 2.26 for the week I'm still buying I want everybody to know that I heard somebody out there I heard Mo sold his TMF or his T TLT no we got her we got her in there now what chart was I talking about check this out this was in an article and I got to tell you something Bloomberg you can see it right down Source right here uh Bloomberg rolled this out and I think anybody who's invested in any of these now I have my own opinion why I like these why I'm doing it I want risk I like treasuries I think that that market is set to explode higher once the FED pivots but until then you need to understand your risk and your rewards and This spells it out perfect estimated 12-month returns based on different yield movements now this is the treasures all right so if we see a 300 basis point so that'd be 3% and this is 50.5% 1.5% just to explain what a basis point is so uh now 300 basis points will be the equivalent of 3% coming off the yields or going up all right so if we see the FED having to do more and the rate the yields on these treasuries continue to go higher this is bad news for bulls and this is what you can expect to lose uh the 10 about 15% about 25% about 30% 10 20 and 30 I'm in a 20 plus so a good combination in here just I kind of add them together you can look up the Holdings exactly so you have an idea that's on a 300 basis point rise that means we go up to about 8% from where we're at now 150 to 50 to 100 Could Happen 50 to 150 Could Happen depending on what happens and you can see right here another 50 basis point rise would probably be another you look at this about 2% loss triple leverage on TMF you're looking at 6% from here so if we go up to 5 what say 5.3 right now that you know you can expect to lose 8 to 10 10% on TMF now on the 50 basis point hike you can see add them together divide by two you get two I can do that two times it by three about 6% on a 50 basis point rise according to Bloomberg that's not good we don't want to see that but I'll take it but look at this look at this right here look at the difference if we get a 50 basis point fall look at the risk reward whoa 11.37 and 13's 24 almost 24 and a half 12% averaged out times three for the TMF you're looking at folks 30 something per 36 higher on TMF if we get 50 basis point fall 50 B like I said a 50 basis point hike so the risk reward is there but the problem is the pressure is on it's not like we're in a bullish situation we're getting close to the end but I want you to see this 150 basis point fall add them together we're getting about 30% right here times three is 90% we're talking almost a home run on this and this one is more than a home run you're looking at 60 something times three is almost 200% this is my long this is the long version for me I was hoping we already start that up but we are not there yet but this is the ultimate goal the FED takes rates way down again talking not doubling my money tripling my money that is the long game for me for people who always say mo you keep saying you show us old things this is Bloomberg and this is their research so now you're combining everything I've been teaching you I've been sharing with you my strategy of the barbell I've been moving things around they're still doing well uh the only thing that's not playing by the rules is a long day to treasuries that's cuz the FED changed the rules but this gives you an idea pause this video take a look at it this gives you an idea what the risk reward is and yes the pressure is on but not as bad as I think everybody thinks it is like once we get that pop the other way you're going to see these kind of returns all right and you can see the differences here the twoyear treasury look at this the two-year treasury is sweet Zone folks it looks like you're in a no lose situation according to this it goes up you make money it goes down you make money interesting so I might have to take advantage I'm going to be looking into this as well just to tell you but I have already been told by some pros in the industry to keep my eyes on the twoyear now this comes out I see what they're talking about might have to take my money that I have t Bill transfer it to the 2-year now and move it up to take advantage of some price appreciation so just saying folks moves are going to be made if you want to see exactly what I'm doing and I don't know how many times I got to tell you come on over to the patreon I'm doing all the homework hopefully the answers on the test give you an A but we just don't know yet so like I said TLT TMF watching I showed you the chart now you're starting to understand why I like what I'm doing and of course unleashing worse day since 2020 turmoil it was ugly it was absolutely ugly out there no fun to see that now for everybody wondering what happened today cuz everybody's like hey everything just changed today it was right here 30-year treasuries had an auction what's behind the weak demand so you can see primary dealers who buy up Supply not bought by the biders had to accept 18.2% of the latest issue of 30-year debt higher than the average of 10.7 like it was way over so the markets aren't getting hit bad enough the economy is still strong enough people are not rushing in to buy this they will in my opinion but we don't know when we don't know when things are going to change uh I was hopeful that this would have been a good auction it was not now we move in to what I wanted to talk about for the people out there like the technicals vo I got one for you today uh we're looking at the spy on The Daily and I know a lot of people are watching this right now and my opinion on this and I'm going to be point blank with you we are close to hopefully breaking up but I was expecting after these big couple of days here that we would have a little calming maybe a little pullback and then the next leg higher and of course you can see the five cross and the 13 getting closer to that 50 and you can see uh that with the RSI we got we topped over came back down a little bit I'm going to be my opinion is we are going to go ahead and see a few green days in the next few days to pop us back above the RSI on the 50 and I think it's going to be more of a positive movement in the markets yes I'm bullish I actually think the Market's going to rebound we might see one or two days that are in the red but then you will see a push up and I believe it's going to happen rather easily so as we come down here I think we're going to come up and and this is the resistance I think will give us trouble but we're not there yet so we come down here and you can see some of these lines uh just of what are what's going on down here and of course as you see this bouncing he comes up here bounces off bounces bounces bounces back down now we're in the Middle where do we go do we go back up I think we do and so I'm kind of looking at these these levels and we're going to see where this goes but at the end of the day I I'm very bullish still I think for the next I I've said it before for the next couple of weeks I think the markets move higher and I believe that's going to happen for this as well there was a few things you can look at I was looking at the 45 minute chart a little a little earlier uh just amazing things you can see here when you start looking at these and the next one's going to be interesting for you so we're going to blow this up a little bit for you let you see what's going on and uh let's talk about this so I I drew this on here because I was looking at the 45 minute chart and you can see the double top not a good sign very very very uh bearish that's not good and we got up there close to that Ballinger band at the top which you guys know that is not a good sign I got that at three standard deviations and we were getting close to it then just for everybody who's watching this at the end of the day look at this right here I told you three standard deviations we're on the bottom it was screaming that we're going to close out of the last few 45 minutes up up up we did we got that all right so as we were watching this chart I am still as I look at this a little bit different here we'll pull this up make this so we can actually see the thing and I gotta tell you I'm still very bullish on this moving forward I think you're going to go ahead and see a move up back up to test some of these and I think we will get above there so let's go ahead and take a look at Nvidia I did I I got to tell you man this is one of my favorite plays and yes I see a lot of things out there happening you got the head and the shoulders right here put a little eye in here there you go a little look make it like a Halloween ghost there but yeah we can see this right The Head and Shoulders is there we but you got this nice good upward push and where is it right here my you can see right here is my my lines we got going on here are we going to get up there we just don't know or are we going to go down uh to this space in here we will find out the The goldilock Zone if it does go down there I would expect a very strong bounce up that way so this is the worst case scenar scario in my opinion we get back down to i' say 434 up to 443 and then we move up to new higher highs based off of this so I think we break through here which is about 468 and we go up above that and start retesting the 480 and 482 483 marks that's where I see things going so I'm not going to panic if I get down here I might even buy more the the line that would push me into selling would be most likely 423 or around there I told you I have about a 10% stop loss on this so that adds up to everything I told you I wanted to do if it drops down to that far that that fart maybe that part we are good to go so we we'll leave that in there give everybody a chuckle but that's what I'm looking at for that and we will go from there now folks I told you at the end tell you how to get some free stocks there you go make sure you take advantage of the Weeble and the moooo moooo first check it out my link you get $100 deposit five free stocks worth up to 2,000 a piece guaranteed $2 minimum so what's that get you at least 10 bucks that's a 10% return all the way up to depending if you got the good fortune up to two grand per stock so hopefully you get it five grand deposit 15 stocks worth up to 2,000 a piece and you get a free share of Tesla or Google and they're worth over 100 to 200 a piece so I I like those and Weeble any deposit a put a buck in use my link below put a buck in you're going to get up to 12 stocks worth of the 30,600 it's free money that one you're going to get over easily going to get over 100% return because a lot of these stocks I think are worth uh three to 2,000 I believe it is uh you can check that but it is or 3,000 I think they're worth up to 3,000 uh so you can check the the details but it's a worth up to $3,600 all together so definitely take advantage of it come over enjoy my patreon afterwards link down below I'm going to have those live streams I got the AI in there we got the portfolio great Community this is where you go if you're serious about investing uh we also have the stock Squad Port uh patreon over there come on over and join us over there it's just a good place man you can support me in different ways I appreciate you stopping by let's get out there and make some money

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