welcome back folks man we had a crazy week and we're not done we got to get out there we gotta regroup we had Jay pal and his goon platoon out there doing what they do best which is just change it up we're in the middle of the play we're about ready to throw the pass into the end zone and just like The Shining you know in that hallway scene where the scene just starts to stretch out and that that whole end zone for us went way way back the goal posts were switched you had him say no more four rate Cuts next year two rate cuts that messes up my TMF position that changed the game and we took the hit on Thursday now to me I'm in it for the long run I'm not going anywhere if anything on Monday I'm looking to buy even more if you're with me on the TMF if the TLT the T bills any of those hit the like button hit the Subscribe put a fire Emoji in the comments let me know how many shares you have because the community is here here we are here we see the long-term Vision we know what's happened history doesn't lie when it comes to the United States Treasures you got people out there you want to short the United States go ahead I'm not one of them I'm out there I can see what's going to happen with the treasuries as we move forward a lot of people calling including this man right here for an ugly recessions Who start in the first half of 2024. it's not that far away hey fall is today right now is the first day of fall and man it is nasty at least where I'm at they got a tropical storm hitting or at least a really bad storm outside of the uh office right now wind is blowing 30 40 miles per hour rain coming down man it is ugly but with that being said we got a lot to cover I'm going to be showing you some things in this video that you're going to want to see this is big stuff for those who are looking at the markets trying to figure out when to get in when to get out all this stuff you're gonna like this you're gonna like this video now before we get into it if you want to follow along with what I'm doing come over to the stockmo patreon see where I'm putting my family's money my retirement money I'm loading the boat with a lot of different things this is your chance we also have the stock Squad here where you can come over and join all four of us we have a patreon Discord we're in there talking about our stock Squad portfolio so we got that as well get your free stock for MooMoo 100 deposit five free stocks worth up to two thousand a piece five grand get you a free share of Tesla Google and 15 stocks and man this is one of the best ones Weeble any deposit a dollar what do you got to lose you're gonna get tons of stocks here you get up to 12 stocks worth up to 30 600 altogether for a dollar deposit or more take advantage of that now we move into what I want to discuss with everyone we're going to take a look we're going to figure out how we can make cash off of this and see where the markets are going because I think you know people are talking about Tesla The Q's attit in front of the queues that's even more leverage and we get that options on top but there's just a lot to do first things first take a look at this tqq and you can just add 27 more cues if you want but as you can see over the last week down 9.67 now you might say well oh man we're getting hit easy I'm on the put position for this and I've been on it and for those who rode with me this week I had a very very good purchase of a put on this to start the week ended up all 20 different contracts all of them up double digits it was beautiful in terms of percentages so it was good stuff and then at the end of the week I was trading we were doing a little bit of day trading for those who are in the patreon you saw me basically like a football announcer telling you all the plays I was doing with actual money I want to bring that to here I want to bring some live streaming I want to show you the technicals that I look at when I do day trade and show you everything lots of thought process look at the support levels look at the numbers you're looking look at the Bollinger Bands look at the RSI put it all together where are these supports and resistance and try to show you what I look for when I'm day trading now look nothing's guaranteed out there nothing is for sure all we do know is that we can learn to earn and that's what it's about and so we're going to do this we're going to have a lot of things to happen but I did want to bring this up now for those who look year to date not it's not all bad if you're in tqq uh long term you have 110 percent this year alone but this is what I I bought a bunch of tqq puts for December 15th back in that zone and already it's down 23 percent my strike price for the original was 40. we're already at 35.63 there is Decay on this as well so I got about three months to go and there is probably going to be six to seven percent Decay and I also have a thirty dollar one and so the thirty dollar one still out of the money obviously the 40 is now in the money I would expect by the end of the year and I'm not sure about this that we could get down there you can see we dropped below where we were at 3640. now we got a new lower low I do think a bounce up is coming though and that's what we're going to talk about and you can see credit card losses climb at the fastest rate since the Great Recession we're seeing things happen folks and when this happens when you have this credit card cycle of losses we usually have a recession that goes with it and it makes sense if you have everybody using the credit cards and they can't pay them anymore that means they lose their credit they're not buying and they're actually you know usually it's bad news for everybody around and so I just wanted to bring that up keep your eyes on the data see what's going on so here we go we got this I want to bring this up show you what's happening with the Spy now this is a spy I'll move this over so everybody can see what's going on we got the RSI down here let me start with the RSI because I think the RSI this right here is absolutely huge and if you can see this I have a I have the red line right here I have the green line right here and I got the yellow line here it's kind of yellow is kind of like hey yeah you're in the middle just watch slow it down but when you get down in the green that's usually a sign when you hit that that we are going to have an opportunity to buy for the short term so you can go back and look at different periods and when you hit below the 50 that usually means you're going to continue to see some selling uh when we get above it and we can get confirmation that's when you get that run up all right so call this it's the weekend I'm putting my teacher's hat on I'm going to teach you a little bit about this because I know a lot of people out there they they like the charts but they you know they don't they're not doing everything they possibly can they're not using the rsis if they are they're not using them right and so we'll put the Hat on we'll teach you a little bit I used to teach Finance for those who don't know I'm an old teacher of high school and college level classes Finance was one of them and I did teach technical trading and fundamental trading the technicals for me are more of that short term and you can definitely get out there and earn with this so this is good stuff so now look what we're at last time we dropped down like this and you can see it's very similar boom boom We Got The Boom down we go or even lower now than we were then but if you go up to this uh and you can see once you drop below this 50 right here we drop below that should have been a major sign for people hey it might be time to take the short position and definitely take profits on what you had long uh and as you get up there you can see we get up oh we got all above 50. can we hold it no and we went back down the next day and here was the confirmation for me so at that day when we can't hold it and then we have a back to back day we're below the 50 on the the RSI at this point you can come up to where we are here and that to me says look it's time to take a put position you got the confirmation you're looking for and you start to ride this down at that point if you look we open roughly 448 for the Spy by the time we get down to the bottom here and you can see we're still down there still down there oh we got an uptick then another uptick at this point I'm trying to take profit this is the first uptick and then we get some confirmation we're moving the other way you still could have took a you could have took from 448 down to 438 which is fantastic to me that that's some easy money right there three four percent you can see we're starting to climb up again and right here is your kind of confirmation if you want to take a long position if you're really day trading this and you start riding it up especially once it gets above 50 you see this right here we hit the 50 it continues up that's the big jump then because you hit that 50 and then you're still holding but now you're going sideways a little consolidation here that should be your warning shots this is where you're like okay hold on this is not uh good news we got above 50. it should continue up which it was doing but then boom you start to have your turn around right here to me this is kind of the confirmation but you're down to 50 bouncing around 50 bouncing around 50 bouncing we're still off of it you could still for those who wanted to hold you could then boom down we go boom there it is to me this was the major sign right there we couldn't get above 50. it held below 50. I'm all in on puts exactly what I did so using the RSI I loaded up on a ton of puts on Monday so Monday's a day I get that confirmation I go in I buy 20 different contracts on this thing tqq on tqq so at that time this is the Spy of course I know uh but very similar charge so at that time what happens of course it collapses down and you expect that but now you have a falling night now the question becomes what do we do uh some other things you could have looked at when you were looking at the Spy here so I I'm I'm doing this because I know a lot of people in the last video said show us teach us I want to see what we're looking at how could I have avoided the losses or made money on this going up and so now we come out uh I'll draw let me draw this let me let me take a look here I'll draw this right here and I want to go right here so you can see what's going on there and of course uh let me make this one right here because you got this support right here and you can go all the way across so as you can see you have this right here the support all the way back to where we are here we bounced off of it and you can keep looking you can see we busted above bounced off of this came back up bounced off the top of this back down and you can see we get back up bouncing off of this bouncing around now we're bouncing we're right there on that support again so with that being said you can see what's going on in a longer term here looking at this and it should tell you that where are we in this whole process if you're looking you said Mo what do you think the next move is well then you come out and you say look let's pull out let's take this uh we'll figure out our levels of support here all right so we come down and let's just throw these out there uh and you can say what what are we looking at here as we come down my opinion is and you can see we're I think we're probably going to bounce up off of this if you look at the Bollinger band as another technical sign one we got the support levels there two we are way oversold in this but it's still we didn't get no we got no confirmation we're turning on the RSI we got the way oversold though way way way oversold with the Bollinger band so to me 2.5 percent of times you get down here we are way under it though I bet we can go out three three standard deviations on this and still be under so to me it's time for a reprieve and so then as you watch this you also have the what do we got here the uh I got the five day moving under the 13 moving under the 50 the 13 now has moved under the 50. very bearish signs all right so this knife is falling are we going to break below major major support here if we do I obviously think we start to head down lower and I think it could get it could get ugly all right but if we don't we bounce off of this which I think there's enough strength there we could I believe we get above the 436 line right here we're going to get up and re-test 440 439 440 I think 440. and uh the the goal as you're watching this is that I think we get back up and we test between point we get up to that 50 percent retracement and the 61.8 retracement right in this Goldie the Goldilocks zone as I call it so I would say we could bounce up the 442 to 445 based off the Spy being around 430 right now so you're looking at a possible five percent move back up there before what happens what do you think is going to happen well that's it we don't know there's a lot of things happening out there you got the moves right we can check here you got to move up the moves down you got the moves of back up right we got the move back down here uh here's the thing I think we get up to here and I definitely think we test in here but you if if you ask me the ultimate retesting is right here 450. all right you can see this coming in right in here you can see the line and I think we get here personally right here and if we get in that zone let me just find this magic marker here we get right here is where I'm thinking you can come over you can see where we're going with this and at that point we I believe we continue in this negative because of the fed and we come back down if we break above 450 and we hold that our next moves for 53 and ultimately up to 459 460. if we can't hold this down we go back and you can see we've been down there testing this multiple times one two three and at that point I think we come back down and eat either we break below and it's a repeat so at this particular time if we bounce back up this is what we're going to see if we do not bounce back up I see another few percentages getting knocked off the Spy so this was one of the things I know some people wanted to see my thought process on I wanted to share this you can let me know what you think uh do you believe we are heading for better things do you believe uh better you know where are we going with this basically that's the million dollar question I was in and I I know some people looked at Tesla as well I wanted to bring up Tesla real quick show you what's going on with this we'll take a look at this uh we'll come right out put some prices up here for you go up here and you can see where we're at right now with this we draw and this is a scary thing for me let me pull this over we dropped below 50 on the RSI which to me is a scary sign and so when you're filing the RSI that wasn't good we had to run up we busted above 50 bounced off it kept above it you know Tesla kept moving higher and then boom down we go so now we're below 50. very bearish I showed you the Spy alone the good news is we still have the 20 day above the 50 above the 200 over here for the longer one but as you look at this you can see we're coming down so as we look at the FIB on this you can see we got up here we retraced down where well here we go you can see we are now between the retracement the the Goldilocks zone for Tesla between 50 and that 61.8 percent retracement and that tells us what there is a possibility that monster money could be made here we drop back down to that magic 0.5 into the 0.618 uh this is it and so I think this week is setting up for a possible move to the higher because they are now the only thing that scares me RSI is still falling I don't like going against that I'm telling you right now so for me I have no confirmation we're ready for a bounce on Tesla but you can see we're in the Goldilocks zone so I think this week the first couple days will will tell us could see another red or two but the major price I'm watching for for Tesla is 239 folks 239 is the magic price we dropped below 239 the next Stop's 229 and so that's what I'm watching for but if we bounce off of 239 we don't go below it I think we move back up and we can start to retest some of these levels of resistance and breakthrough so I wanted to come out share this with everyone you let me know if you like this kind of video if you just want the news because it's going to be a combination of everything moving forward but do you like these kind of videos do they give you the idea the best stocks to buy now in terms of some of the technicals behind it for the short term or are you looking just for that golden long-term term fundamental play let me know what you think down below I love bringing this stuff to you I didn't think people really wanted to hear too much about it but it seems that they do so I am all about sharing some of the things we talked about in the classroom back in the day here on YouTube and uh that's what I'm gonna do so if you like it put a comment down below let me know if you want to see more of this because I could put on the old teacher's cap put you in the classroom sit there and let Old Stock mode teach it that's fine I love bringing this stuff to you and I I was doing the cues I can do another video on tqq what I'm going to do this week if you'd like all of that let me know down below folks get those free stocks from MooMoo and Weeble and come on over to the stock Mo Patron what are you waiting for this is where I'm going to be uh doing I'm going to be doing some live streams just for members only talking about like a a football kind of play where we're I'm trading live and I'm letting them see exactly what I'm doing and they can just watch if you'd like to see this come on over and join I appreciate you stopping by let's get out there and make some money