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where is Neo going next should you buy sell or maybe wait in this video I'm going to cover everything we're going to technical analysis price predictions for because that looks all below two minutes time so keep watching till the end sitting at ten dollars and four cents and we can see that the last trading day was Friday today was Saturday they've gone down close to like half a percent right not that big movement going on at all but overall uh we're definitely sitting in a very interesting market right now with Neo is it a bullish or bearish Market let me ask you a very simple question now making like hundreds of videos about Neo this costed it for me this is a absolutely uh bullish Trend again this is just my opinion in perspective as I made for making 12 000 videos I've definitely come up with a strategy I mean you can see how much videos I made so after that that much repetition you're gonna see something working for you and I'm sharing it with you so uh what am I expecting the price to do taking out the highs now that doesn't mean this is exactly what the price is going to obviously I'm not any type of wizard I've just been a lot of time in the market so I've seen some things recurring and I'm using my strategy that again has shown to work in the past right helping me get like hundreds and hundreds of wins in the last seven months close to 350 plus wins and you can check out all the wins and everything and what's my opinion I mean I can just show you my new predictions right because I definitely have them if I just look at the right side of the screen these are all new wins before after before after proof and whatnot so what I'm expecting the price to do right now I'm anticipating these highs to continue to get cleared and how would that look like that will basically go that's going to look if the price starts to break up these high so let me just show you uh if the price starts to make up of these highs I'm expecting it to go higher and that's not the case if it comes back down into the zone I'm also expecting the price to continue to take place so if on any value like the video and if you want to learn my strategies for free check out the first link in the description

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