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where is nvda going next should you buy so maybe wait on Nvidia Corporation stock in this video I'm going to cover everything regarding technical analysis price predictions for because now looks all below two minutes time okay and make sure to keep watching till the end because you're gonna get everything below two minutes time we're sitting at 455 bucks and 72 cents we can see that uh we're sitting in a very kind of interesting position I mean if you look at the left side of the screen we can reassure that this thing has been just going up right I mean we have some drawings which are kind of different I'm going to explain what they mean and everything let's just make this weight like that if I just take a look at my previous Nvidia wins you're gonna see a very very interesting kind of delivery before after proof we have before after proof there once again before after proof once again again these are all just bullish wins on the Nvidia again I'll be using the same exact strategy the last seven months helped me get 350 plus twins after I started being bullish in the Nvidia right here I mean it has gone up around 100 and it's actually now 100 by 85 percent in the next 130 something days as much as that you know what's my opinion I'm still following the trend I'm Trend follower therefore I'm anticipating these highs to get cleared and this is how this is going to look right only if you tap in the zone and we have the confirmation then that's going to be what I'm going to be posting so let me know what is your opinion on nvda this is obviously just my perspective and opinion not Financial advice by any means if you want to learn my strategy for free check out the photos Link in the description

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