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where is Qs going next and should you buy or sell quantumscape Corporation in this video I'm going to cover everything regarding technical analysis price prediction forecast and outlooks on Quantum scape and to do all of this I'm going to use each strategy that has statistically shown to work in the past right when I say this I'm basically just going to follow my strategy that I basically have tested thousands of times when I say thousands of times in the last two years I've been on a journey to actually come up with a strategy that's profitable and only in the last six months have I actually come up with this strategy that has helped me accumulate all of these wins and hopefully this video serves you because I'm I'm going to be showing you how I'm actually doing it so Q as the way that we're doing is very simple we're following the trend and there's obviously a few more steps of the stretch when we're following a trend it doesn't matter if it's a Quantum scape or any particular stock we're always following the transition right now while monthly is bearish weekly it's in a supply area this is the main reason I'm actually just observing the price section right here and basically set only if the price starts to break below this point am I actually gonna look for potential downside moves because weekly is bearish I want you to understand this now you might don't don't know you may not know what I'm talking about right now but let me ask you this if like when you look at the chart who has been actually going for the last if you just look at the left side it has been going down right the main idea behind this strategy is following the trend obviously not any not any love ever any time that you're actually going to be correct about the trend this is obviously the part of the process this is trading and trading is game of probabilities okay but with the confirmations and the second and third step you're always kind of refining it and just making a killer Outlook and strategy on the market now I have 100 free course if you actually want to learn a strategy it's absolutely free there is no upsells or whatever and this is my actual technical analysis so if you find anybody like the video

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