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where's Tesla stock going next should you buy seller or maybe wait this thing is crazy let's talk about it very briefly just by zooming out removing all the drawings you're going to see that with Tesla uh we have been in a very beautiful bullish Trend I mean ever since starting trading like right here from 10 of 2010 in June we've been just putting a bullish Trend right just back to the basics look at it from the start of this year 85% off from year to date it's very good right I love to see it you see I mean from 2021 2022 like the whole year was bearish and I think right now 2023 and 2024 and onward I think we're going to be aiming for the highs that actually clear the highs out because we started Shifting the price this is a very big big factor now the idea right here for me is from this demand area right here from this gray area if I get the confirmations to take it higher but if that's not the case we tap into the area and the price could easily go without me right this is just me following my system and rules that have been the main reason why have actually started making videos just to find the strategy that has been working for me and actually share with you okay this is kind of the whole whole point of the channel is just like a group project which I'm refining and over and over again what works for me and sharing it with you so let me know what is your opinion I will see you in the next one

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