👀 XPEV Stock (Xpeng stock) XPEV STOCK PREDICTIONS! XPEV STOCK Analysis xpev stock news today $xpev (Video)

is xbev going next and should you buy or sell xbank stock in this video I'm going to cover everything regarding technical analysis price predictions focus on outlooks on xpev and to do all of this I'm going to use a strategy that has previously statistically shown to work what I'm showing you right here is some of my wins and credentials that will definitely will have to kind of keep scrolling for good a minute or so to just show you all of my wins and I also have like something above here but the reason why I'm showing you the wins is mainly because I have them and after testing my strategy for like two to three hours every single day for the last two years I have only seen success in the last six to seven months and after iterating and just refining my strategy over and over again so hopefully I can save you time and I'm going to show you exactly what has helped me accumulate all of these wins right uh this is not going to be your typical technical analysis but all because a lot of these other YouTubers are just watching from one another to see where the price is going to go I have not watched one single video I can clearly say confidently in the last two years okay what other people are telling uh the way I'm doing this I'm just following my system straws and strategy and for with XPath High timeframe structure is definitely still pretty bearish to me and you could be like oh what are you talking about after the price came here it started to break below the point and after we had this break this for me is a very structure now if it starts to break about this high at 35 bucks I would definitely consider upside moves but for right now we're still in a bearish range and therefore I will have a weight sign right here if it starts to deliver lower and it makes sense for it to blow bearish we might be going Birch okay I say might because if that for that to happen it will have to break above this low for me and we're pretty far away from that low so for right now I'm just going to say I'm definitely still expecting a more upside moves to here to kind of continue and deliver Above This high at 23 bucks just very short-term bullish let me know what is your opinion on it but if you're still a part of the people who don't have a strategy and they're just listen to what other people are telling them please check out the first link in the description it's 100 free course I want to share the use of your trading Journey