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folks I got to tell you something we have the whales out there making huge moves I've talked about this before and the million dollar question are they going to be right are they going to be wrong well I dug deep into what Kathy Wood has been doing and I got to tell you what I found is something I think everyone should pay attention to because they were on a buying spree yesterday they sold a few big names as well they continue to unload on we're talking Tesla and Nvidia two of my favorite stocks and I think and I'm got to tell you this I'm doing a technical analysis on Nvidia and Tesla this video for those who' been asking I know you've been hey can you come out and show us what's going on Mo well I got you you're going to love this video but yeah Kathy went out there selling even more but finally I watched as she put that money to work and it is something to behold now before I get into the technical analysis of let's just take a look and see what she's doing here and I got my head in the way there so let's get that out of the way so a little teeny bit how much did you sell Mo looks like eight shares it looks like a a total of eight shares there but how much did arw six shares this just crazy then we come down here and you see a little bit of buying and selling not much just a little bit nothing major folks but there was still selling that's my point they're still selling Tesla still selling that but buying a couple shares of some other things so it looks like they were getting their work done now with that being said the question still because they had big big sell orders over the last few days and I wanted to get in there and take a look because this is going to surprise you I think a monster monster Market move is coming and it's to the it's going to be to the north it's going to be to the upside and I know this is surprising a lot of people I've been very bearish on this and now it comes to a surprise what I actually think that once we got to that extreme fear you see overs sold in the short term you see gas prices flowing down a lot of things are happening that are going to push this market up once again this was not the last leg down I'll be the first to tell you this I did not think this was the last leg down I think that's coming in 2024 I have been saying it forever that today is not the day we get to the bottom the Bottom's going to happen in 2024 but before we get there we had a nice pullback what 7 8 % and we're about ready for that next leg up and yes we are getting there I know because look at it you got Peak fear kicking in you got the strength of the dollar going to the Moon it'll weaken we see Energy prices which were through the roof they're coming down everything that you need to put this this big bull market run in there is getting it's lining up the stars are aligning and I think we're going to be able to make make Bank off of this and that's what I'm looking to do so I want to talk a little bit about this today and see where we're going to go now folks the biggest thing you can do right now take advantage of the MooMoo link down below I got some things I'm going to be doing over there hopefully setting up a few programs uh investing sort of set it and forget it kind of things moving forward that'll be next down the road a little bit once we can do it but if you haven't done it get your $100 in there get five free stocks worth up to 2,000 a piece five grand deposit 15 stock and a free share of Tesla or Google on top of that very good stuff wee will any deposit a dollar or more will get you up to 12 stocks worth 30,600 all together and the stock Squad patreon link is down there all four of us in one place or you can come over to my patreon and join me and see what I'm doing with my portfolios my retirement my family's money all together I'm trying to make sure we're doing the best we can lots of good stuff now let's get into it what are they doing they're selling Tesla and and of course Nvidia but I think a a bull Cycle's coming I don't know what you want to call 10 20% up maybe maybe I don't know I think there's definitely going to be a run up though uh let's go a and take a look at what the marcet did yesterday right here here we go and you can see it was Christmas red and green everywhere nothing really to write home with Lucid got beat up pretty bad Sofi up a little bit Neo down a little bit and Tesla down a little bit so and of course my TMF down a little bit so we look at this and I know the million dooll thing was I brought this up yesterday uh right here the fear we're in extreme fear again this is Extreme buy I'll say it every video once you see that and you see these different uh this these different greed indicators and you can see fear extreme fear extreme fear extreme fear fear extreme fear you notice extreme greed that's because the bond market is it's setting itself up for a massive short squeeze we're just not there yet it's just crazy uh but it's coming now I'll be patient with that one but that's a different video now so you see this and it gets us into what are they doing they're selling is it should we all sell Invidia should we all sell Tesla or are they going to is she going to be wrong is Ark going to be wrong in doing what they're doing because I know everybody's like oh they're just rebalancing they got to rebalance Mo you don't rebalance if you got the best stock in the in the game and you believe in that and you're telling people this these things can run up big time and then all of a sudden you're selling I go by the actions and I've said this before now I didn't want to bring this out this is my friends for those who follow my channel my technical analysis which I believe is spot on and we'll take a look at this and remember uh this is what I go by so I got the and you could throw up to 200 a lot of people said why don't you have the 200 up there I agree with you 200's great I think it's a solid thing to add to the EMAs I like the 51350 for short-term trading this is what I'm doing with this one short-term trading so once I throw them up there I like to file the RSI with um and with this one I got the 14 SMA all right and then the Ballinger band I'm now at three standard deviations I like that it gives me a better idea when it's way oversold like right here and right here and of course way overbought right here you had an idea that it was going to come down it did now where are we at this particular moment and this is NVIDIA and so when I look at this I want you to know something we are on the we're on the first step of what could be a March up and I know you're saying well it's already going up yeah but we didn't get confirmation or did we and as you can see here the five is now crossing the 13 and it looks like they're all going to start crossing the 50 here and so I believe the next few days are going to lead to possibly getting the confirmation we want on a longer based uh run for this where we can start to see more and more upward pressure and we could see this stock actually getting to have a nice run I'm talking we're not talking marathon where this thing's running for day for years and years yet but I do believe before the Pain Train really kicks into gear and takes this country on a downward spiral in q1 Q2 Q3 combination of any two of those this is what we can play for the next quarter and that quarter is it's looking to set up for a nice little rebound uh you can see last time they have crossed back here we had a nice run up and we went up for a few days it wasn't long then it kind of came back down now we're going back up and retesting this has been very volatile lately I'll tell you this and um we'll see where it goes but you can see where it crossed here and we would expect it to cross go down a while it did then you got the crossing of the 13 with the 50 the the five with the 50 and then we bottomed out and now we're moving the back the other way up now I'm waiting for one more positive day here for the RSI then I'm going to feel real good about this so if I get a green day today on this I gotta tell you I'm probably buying Nvidia now and that's what I'm going to do based on the day charts of it of Nvidia and I feel pretty good about it and so for those who always say tell us before you do it Mo a green day today and I'm most likely and I'm going to say this going to buy this you want to know for sure what I'm doing come on over to the patreon folks support me I would appreciate it you can come over to stock Mo patreon jump in there see what's going on you got the stock Squad on as well so we're going to see where things go I'm ready to make some moves and make some money and I think this is setting up at least for a couple of days if we get a Green Day tomorrow that this thing could be primed to have a little outbreak and now I'm actually thinking about doing something else I'm actually thinking about shorting energy and I know everybody's like energy energy is the best thing in the world mo why would you short energy that's where it's at right now that's everything and I got to disagree with you because energy is starting to collapse demand Destruction has happened and I think it's time it's the risky move that I'm going to short some energy plays I'm not sure which ones but that once again you can join over there when I make those moves I'll announce them but I'm letting you know ahead of time family so you can do your due diligence and feast get out there and feast I never tell you what to buy and sell just what I'm doing Tesla take a look at the Tesla stock price prediction from stock moo using charting what do you think I'm going to say here for those who've been following my lessons when it came to using the charts look at this the three just the five cross the 13 13 and five both cross the the 50 and what's that mean folks oh we're just looking for confirmation on the RSI we're in the middle of the Ballinger band beautiful setup here and there is now this is the only thing I don't like it kind of went down a little bit was not what I I would have like the positive up Tick so this is in that situation very similar to Nvidia where I want to see a strong day and I think that strong day could come today if I get that strong day Tesla and Nvidia might be major plays for me now for those that don't know I'm looking to probably not just do the regular yes I'm looking for more returns based on this and here you go the granite shares 1.5 long nvda daily ETF and ticker symbol nvdl this gives me 1.5 exposure and then the other one right here tsll this is the Tesla one with 1.5 year to date 220 and if we go just to Tesla let's see how much Tesla's up here to date uh you can see Tesla up 140 so we actually got a little bit more than 1.5 on that one so there is a lot of of cost of these but it would have returned you a little over 1.5 on Tesla so I want to use these two when I feel good about them and I feel good about them so I'm looking for one more confirmation on this then I think it's time to make Bank off the move so I'm looking for Believe It or Not folks Switching gears doing a little trading based on the charts and I like what I'm seeing it's a I might be piling in very very soon so we're going to see where this thing goes hit the like hit the Subscribe join me down below put a fire emoji and Tesla or Nvidia which one do you like better are you in them let me know family we're in this together now I'll see you over at the patreon make sure you take advantage of the free stocks from Mumu down and Weeble and that's what I got for you now let's get out there and make some money

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