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welcome back everyone we got all kinds of things happening out there I've been on the road I had all I got to tell you it's been it's just been wild I'm glad to be back we're here we got a lot to talk about we got a huge day yesterday and for those that weren't watching I mean folks this is the kind of day we like to see money just being made you can see the Dow s p NASDAQ everything up maybe the Russell not up that much I mean they're they're crawling to the party but after a day like this we we gotta wonder what's gonna happen today where are we going with everything and that leads us into who's been selling Tesla and Nvidia now before I get into this and this is always a Hot Topic when I bring this up there's a lot of people who get angry and there's other people that said I absolutely agree with them you know and so the question is which side of the coin are you going to be on what am I talking about major forces out there so going and Nvidia and Tesla which we're going to get into so the question becomes should we be buying or should we be selling these stocks and if we listen to the whales out there and I always say don't listen I should rephrase it do we listen to them or do we follow their actions and that's the million dollar question now as we get into this make sure you take advantage of the MooMoo link down below get your free stocks folks this is awesome five free stocks worth up to a uh well up to two thousand dollars worth um and of course all you gotta do to get five free stocks put 100 bucks in five grand deposit get you 15 stocks plus a free share of Tesla or Google I would I would jump on that and of course any deposit out there right now for Weeble this is a limited time take advantage of this any deposit a dollar get you up to 12 stocks worth of the thirty thousand six hundred join the stock Squad as well link down below uh you can see all four of us in one spot or you can come over to the stock Mo patreon I'm going to be doing all kinds of good stuff in there we've got the AI got my portfolios you can come over and follow now we talked about this but you know and we want to get into it look at this I was I saw this come through uh let me get my mug off of there but you can see what Arc sold they they bought a ton but they sold 88 000 this is just an arcade 88 000 shares of um uh of Tesla and they sold or of yeah Tesla and then you can see it again sold Tesla again 18 more 100 shares and then of course another 7 000 shares and their other fund and then it got to Arc G and they sold Nvidia fifteen thousand shares of it which is just wild so they are on the selling of this and you got to wonder what's up because they can and I know the the main argument I hear from people out there who are trying to say it's okay it's okay if sell sells they're selling it's because they're they're they're going ahead and and just redoing their portfolios well the idea is this I think every fund manager out there would tell you the same thing because I think I know she can have a little she could actually buy more and be fine but with that being said when you see these big whales these big hedge funds these big these fund managers coming out and selling after they tell you things like how high they can go in the next three to five years and it could go up two three four hundred percent and then they turn around and they start selling and everybody's like well they're they're just redoing their portfolios well it makes me question things because the idea for any fund manager is to maximize the gains and if they believe that they are going to be the ones that get them the most gains then they would keep them and so I am always wondering about that because the overall percentage of the portfolio was easily in the area where they could continue to hold and actually add to it and so I watch these very closely and so it pulls us up to this and we want to take a look at what they're seeing and see if it makes sense so you see a run up with Nvidia and you see see this massive run up and you get all the way up to here and I got to tell you something the valuation look at this look at the 106 p e ratio point zero four percent uh for the for the dividend and then we get into where they're at up here how high it's been 207 percent this year folks I see why she's selling it fundamentally it doesn't make sense it seems like it ran up a little hot a little quick so with that one I absolutely get it you know long term people say I'm holding it long term look I love Nvidia they are going to absolutely kill it but was it a little too much too quick with the FED saying higher for longer they're slowing down the economy and think of the FED not just Nvidia Nvidia is a great company they're the leaders out there and AI getting AI out there and they're going to continue to dominate there's no doubt in my mind but it's the valuation that's just wild and so if you got the FED promising that they're going to go ahead and probably raise rates another time maybe even two more times they're going to hold rates higher for longer or here in other fed officials now say maybe only one rate cut in 2024. folks we hear all of this and I think when you price that into the market it's just not priced in for some of these tech companies yet and you see them up there near highs and so I think I think what we're seeing with that is maybe they're saying look we had a huge run up we see the FED gonna make things worse and we're hearing that there might be a recession q1 Q2 next year maybe Q3 so let's prepare now and start you know taking some of these profits diversifying reevaluating and I get it I think I totally get it so then that leads us up to this what's going on with Tesla then where do you see this one and you get to the valuation again PE 74 there are are cutting prices down which is going to push that profit margin down they have some more vehicles to make up for it but it's not just the car company we know this is you can say energy Tech AI all of it put it together this company is going to be just Mammoth but and you hear about how high this price could go when you listen to some of the things they talk about Kathy would discuss Tesla and how high it could go and then but then you see them selling in in the next breath which to me is always go by the actions just go by the action so if we pull up the year-to-date chart on this thing and you can see they sold big big time on a big green day and it had a nice little pop-up but since that run up it's down about 11 but they sold on a big day today they bought a lot of stuff and they were obviously diversifying but then again I'll say it again my argument with this is any big hedge fund bun manager out there is looking to make sure they have the best possible portfolio that could make them money because that's what their job is to make money and so if you got a stock that just you believe in it's going to go through the roof it could go up all this that you hear about and then you turn around and start selling it and you're talking you're buying the other stocks out there to me that's a head scratcher and we'll see where it goes but I definitely pay attention to it I'm not mad about them I don't want you think I'm on here saying oh why would they sell hey she made a ton of money on Tesla made a ton of money on Nvidia I get it I just don't like hearing how high the prices are going to go and then they're selling it which is just to me it's just weird like you don't want to talk talk it up up up up and then all of a sudden you're like I'm out uh so and I know a lot of people say well they have so many more shares they're not totally out they're still in it yeah I know but there's when you watch the big like I said the whales doing their thing it's either they're buying and or their Salon or at least they're just holding and not selling and this one is not just the holding it's not buying it's selling and it's been consistently being sold for a while uh and we're gonna see so to me I don't think it's a I really don't think it's it's so much a sign of how they see these companies but the valuations are through the roof and the FED is going to make it difficult on a lot of things moving forward and I think that's going to affect both Nvidia and Tesla negatively and so we're watching all this and I'm gonna see how it goes you got the strength of the dollar out there which if you get a lot of sales overseas and those overseas monies have to turn into Dollars it hurts there as well and so a lot of things we're watching but I did want to bring that up because it's just crazy out there now for something else though let's look at this bill gross the bond King here says he would avoid bonds and clearly over valued stocks even after massive self so then I started thinking about this you got you got Kathy out there selling Nvidia and Tesla they had big run-ups this year you got bills saying basically look they're clearly overvalued uh and so when you put all this together and this guy he's a smart cookie you start to see what I'm talking about you start to see the overvalue it's like you get yelled at if you say certain stocks are overvalued after they go up 200 percent you know it's like wow this is up 100 this is up 200 and they're like in you can see all right are they a little overvalued based on some of the the fundamentals for this year yes well if we go out 10 years now no no for this year are they overvalued and is the Fed gonna make things worse the answer is yes the fed's going to make things worse they already said that uh and of course that's going to affect a lot of these companies that did run up 100 to 200 percent now he said he would avoid he would avoid bonds uh so that's another thing that's a little scary because this guy knows bonds and you can see we had a good day today with the treasuries all right so treasuries here you go 20-year treasury up 3.72 finally had a decent day I'm not excited uh because this week's still down four point 0.29 and if you come look at the daily look at this thing this is just nasty this is the 20 this is TMF uh for those who know my charting this thing is screaming what well one down here this is way oversold uh and you can see that down there and that's actually a decent sign for us that we could have a little reprieve but this thing is so bearish right now like it's still in a downward turn so we can get some things crossing here it's still ugly out there so I did want to bring that up now folks I am back I'm a little bit tired right now but I know a lot of you wanted to see some day trading out there on a live stream or just talk and shoot the breeze answer questions I'm looking forward to doing that uh most likely probably be tomorrow uh Friday that's what I'd be looking for like I think that's the day we did it before as well I I think that would be a lot of fun so I'm looking forward to possibly doing it Friday it'd be around one or two o'clock you'll see it pop up there but uh if you haven't done it join my patreon you can come over and check that out and I'm going to be doing some live streams in there eventually as well I got I had a lot of traveling here over the last five days six days and I finally got back and I am beat and so I'll be back in multiple videos a day again and hopefully uh live stream fit in there as well I'd like to do some live streaming multiple times a week and a little bit of day trading in there having some fun seeing if we can turn little into a little bit more and uh see more we go now if you haven't gotten your free stocks from MooMoo and Weeble down below take advantage of that immediately don't let the free money go you can it's kind of fun to do that and see what stocks you get and of course come on over to the patreon and join the stock Squad as well I appreciate you stopping by let's get out there and make some money

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