🔥 AMC 947% COST TO BORROW!!! AMC, SPY, u0026 TSLA ANALYSIS!!! 🚀 (Video)

what discrimination and stock J back with another video and this one breaks down what's going on with AMC stock what you should be watching for going forward I'm just going to talk about the market very briefly and break down what just happened so right now there's not much going on with AMC and before I say anything let me just mention a couple of things I'm personally not a financial planner so take none of this as Financial advice anyways AMC is down about 1.86 for the day so far nothing is really going on with it we're still waiting for the lawsuit any settlement and until then there's not really going to be anything major with AMC and the market is trying to slow down a bit this is causing AMC to slow down too AMC is currently still in this 4.2 area the next major support is going to be close to about four dollars for now it's just trading sideways not really doing much I mean if I just zoom out for the last like this is actually the one hour chart on AMC for the last Almost one and a half weeks it's been just going back and forth and back and forth not really doing anything too significant since it started selling off off five dollars since mid-june it's basically just stuck uh there's not much else to say it's gonna likely retest four dollars at this point which is where we have this in balance but what else is interesting is we have some data coming out for next week we have the CPI report and other things like that and also you can't forget AMC has a very high cost to borrow at 947 percent so we're gonna be watching if this could affect AMC so far it has not have it has not had much of an effect and it's really just stuck right now just going back and forth and back and forth and just bar coding the Market's selling off pretty hard at the very end of the day Max Payne is at 438 and that's where they're trying to bring it down it looks like and it's very interesting to witness how the market sold out very hard at the very end of the day uh Tesla's also down selling off quite a bit as well uh Tesla has this gap down here it may come down just to start filling this Gap at this point if it breaks below 270 and then if it fills that Gap we could see this thing get a nice bounce for now just be very patient we're gonna see what happens to the stock market and the overall Market moving forward just be very patient and we're gonna see how this ends up going but anyways uh there's not much else to say about AMC it's just kind of stuck and it may seem more downside thanks to the market selling off AMC may be reaching about four dollars very soon just wanted to warn you and we just have to wait for this entire lawsuit to continue there's just not much going on with it for now all right so that's your very quick Friday update thank you so much for listening have a great day everyone I just wanted to add that when it comes to AMC I'm not gonna only make AMC videos from this point on I will still talk about AMC if there's anything big that happens but for now it's just stuck it's just there's no news coming out it's kind of boring watching the stock just moving sideways so I'm going to talk more about like Tesla news and other things like that but then once there's any updates with AMC I'll be back talking about her but I'm just getting really bored talking about AMC as it's just going back and forth and there just isn't anything going on with the lawsuit we're just waiting and waiting and waiting so until then I will continue to update you guys on AMC in the future but I'm going to start talking about Tesla as well any news involving Tesla stock uh until then I will see you guys later for another video with AMC in the future if there's any big updates involving the settlement and thank you all so much for listening I'll see you guys in the next one AMC to the moocs the long term is still very bright and peace