what is good guys this is rayj back with another video and in this I want to break down what's going on with the overall Market what you should be watching for as time progresses also going to talk about some things going on with the markets right now before I get started though let me just say that I am not a financial planner so take that I say as Financial advice and also if you guys can please check out the moon link which is down below and in the description s for Moon deposit $100 into the account you're guaranteed up to five free stocks offer is in seven days check it out before they run out anyways let's talk about the markets right now the S&P 500 and the NASDAQ are on their longest winning streaks in about 2 years I'm also going to be watching Disney for its earnings for today it's going to be very telling about how they're doing and how retail is looking uh we have an AI powered record for Microsoft as once again they're hitting all-time highs uh and there's a lot of optimism amids their Investments of about 13 billion into open AI then on top of this uh there's more data coming out involving the election but I'm not going to talk too much about that uh there's also this news that Jerome Pal's about to be giving his opening remarks at the important conference in Washington DC we will see if this causes any volatility once he starts make sure you're ready for that later on we have some Bill auctions and 10year notes auctions data coming out so make sure you're ready for that too between 11:30 a.m. and 1 p.m. Eastern Standard Time now finally for earnings don't forget we have Walt Disney and Ames later on and we'll see what Rome pal causes now right now the Market's in a very similar State uh you know spy looks like it's going to push and try to retest for 37.5 but for the rest of the levels guys you can go back to my video where I talk about P spee I actually broke down the levels more specifically how the market could react as we're approaching this key resistance on spy right here so we're going to be watching this very carefully if we break for 37.5 or not the market looks like it wants to push this morning uh Tesla had some good news involving Elon Musk meeting with the Indian Commerce minister so so far this is helping Tesla push could push a little higher looks a little bit like it's going to push higher just looking at the current technicals so we're going to be watching this very carefully uh looking at Apple this thing is kind of flat right now we're at resistance at 182 it's trading very flat in the pre-market uh you know the QQQ looks like it's trying to push back up to 373.50 looks like it has more potential as well so we're going to be watching some of these key levels once again guys I just want to refer you to my previous video just for more details because all the levels are exactly the same the Market's like super flat right now so if you want specific details on the levels just watch my video from yesterday where I talk about pal speech tomorrow uh Kik looks like it's trying to push up to 373.50 looking a little bit more bullish Nvidia is currently in this 460 to 462 range it looks bullish though looks like it's going to try to test the high from yesterday and we'll see if it breaks 462 if it does so it could push higher if not then you know we're going to be watching that resistance that's pretty much it for now guys I'm going to keep this video very short because Drome pal is going to about to give a speech soon so we'll be waiting for that and just get ready for pal speech we'll see what the guy has to say this time around all right guys that's it have a great day uh watch the levels I called out just briefly in this video and the levels from yesterday it's all exactly the same nothing has changed because the market is almost exactly where it was from yesterday and we'll see what J poell ends up saying we'll see if he costes any volatility so be ready for that as well all right thank you for listening have a good one and peace out