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in this video I'm going to show you exactly where I'm going to expect edtx to go in the next few following days weeks and months I'm gonna cover everything regarding technical analysis price predictions forecasts and outlooks in only two minutes and I'm going to deliver everything to you without actually hiding anything now to do this I'm going to use my strategy that has actually been tested previously we have tested hundreds and hundreds of times we have hundreds and hundreds of wins which you can go ahead and check out and basically everything that I just showed you uh just disclaimer that this is obviously not Financial advice this is just my perspective and opinion my prediction not Financial advice by any means so the way that I'm actually analyzing I'm always following the trend now listen I don't know how you're analyzing but this is what has worked for me in the past six months tested put in hundreds of hours and actually I've seen a very very good uh success with it okay so I've tested it hopefully it serves you but let's get right into the source now for by following the trend we can see that actually right now the main trend is bullish and with adtx you've already seen some spectacular growth okay from 6th of July basically till 13th of July have gone up as much as say 600 in a matter of seven days that's crazy okay sixth time the price uh it was absolutely crazy they are now that being said what's next I mean by following the trend in the ideology we're definitely still expecting the highest to continue and get cleared so my prediction is going to be here and I'm gonna only expect upside moves obviously my prediction could be wrong but for what I've seen in the past this is just my perspective and opinion okay I've tested it that's when you have confidence in your system and obviously not not any system or strategy in this world is 100 correct we are going to have wins and losses and pass results doesn't mean future success I just want you to know that now if you're a little bit more interested in this very very simple approach go ahead and check out the first link in the description it's absolutely free to learn it's a free course but only three four limited time so check it out

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