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where is Neo going next and should you buy or sell Neo stock in this video I'm going to cover everything regarding technical analysis price predictions forecast and outlooks on Neo and to do all of this I'm going to use a strategy that has statistically shown to work in the past what I'm showing you right here is just some previous wins I have hundreds of them I'm not going to scroll through all of them but the main reason why I'm showing you this is mainly because I've previously tested my strategy and this actually has after testing for two years every single day for two hours minimum per day only in the last six months have I actually seen success by testing it thousands and thousands of times okay and you can check out all the hundreds of wins that we have actually accumulated we've back tested it in all and live tested it and you have all the proof that I actually have on my YouTube channel obviously uh trading is a game of probabilities on not every single one of my predictions is going to be correct and this is just the reality of trading and I'm 100 transparent with you on this YouTube channel now hopefully this video serves you and this is a completely different way from what you're used to now in the past I've definitely had uh wins with Neo using the same the same exact strategy like this one right here the bearish win then we had this bullish win we had another bearish win right here this is my favorite overall from those three it was beautiful uh it was this actually move down right here so we caught a very very significant move of around like 30 to 40 percent down and after we started to shift right here we already are on a high time frame Trend now I'm not going to explain too much but High time frame Neo for me looks absolutely beautiful well what is the main reason because we're in a bullish Trend and I've discussed it in all of my previous YouTube videos but you might not even understand what I'm talking about but following my strategy this makes a tons of sense and I always I'm always going to tell you to follow the strategy if you're just listening what other YouTubers are saying to you and you're not doing your own technical analysis you're always going to be a part of the 95 of people lose it's not that hard that you think right it's not that hard you test the strategy and follow it's absolutely it's as simple as it actually becomes and even I have a 100 free course that actually save you years of your trading Journey if you want to learn my strategy right it's different what this has worked for me so what is my operation on you I'm definitely still expecting the price to continue and deliver higher now my higher time from idea is for it to continue and deliver Above This 66 cents or 66 dollar highs is something like this in particular way uh and yeah I'm definitely still pretty bullish on you so if you find anybody like the video see

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