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and don't know where New is heading next in this video I'm going to lay out everything regarding technical analysis and predictions on Neo Inc stock in around two minutes using strategy that has shown to work in the past hundreds of times at the end of the day everyone wants to know where the price is going to head and make millions off of it but you will never succeed if you don't have a strategy to follow that works this is the harsh truth this is the harsh reality right would you like to learn and basically watch how a strategy that has that actually works is being executed you can just make sure to watch this video to like basically till the end and we're gonna be good with it so Neo in the past like we knew we have like done it hundreds of times right we can I mean we have analyzed quite a bit these are just like through predictions that we've made on Neo they have been actually correct this bearish one which is still keep I don't keep it on the chart but it was beautiful one here's the link that we had this link then we had this link on Neo right here these are all we had I mean we had two bearish predictions and one bullish right now we know this is a very interesting situation in which we're in right now basically just looking at it from right here we just mitigated the supply area and we had a rule a rule was the rule basically if we broke this one hour low we were looking the price to continue and deliver lower and this is a little bit extreme but we're looking for these seven dollar loss to get cleared now from eight dollars to seven is not that much right you get me right it's not that big of a deal but that break right here was 886 close to nine so it's not that big of a deal to follow like around 20 down but yeah that's the reality this is just me following the the strategy of mine that has that has actually shown to work in the past and now if I just go ahead and check all the higher time frame it's bullish so we're good with that high time from expecting the highest to get cleared this is my uh technical analysis and everything so if on any value like the video it's going to help me a ton obviously not Financial advice this if you want to learn how to use this strategy for absolutely free and how to actually learn this you can go ahead and check out the free course that you can get first link in the description this is the limit I'm over