🔥 QS Stock (Quantumscape stock) QS STOCK PREDICTIONS! QS STOCK Analysis QS stock news today (Video)

where is Qs going next and should you buy or sell quantumscape Corporation stock now in this video I'm going to cover everything regarding technical analysis price predictions for forecasts and outlooks on Qs stock and to do all of this in two minutes time I'm going to use a strategy that has previously statistically shown to work for me now uh all on what I'm going through is some of my wins which I'm obviously not going to go through all of them because they're a lot okay now it seems like I'm flexing but the reality is I'm just trying to credentialize myself and actually put myself out of the bubble from all these other YouTube gurus the thing is they're not showing you that the strategy that they're using that they're when they're making the technical analysis works now I've actually been on a run out like for the past two years trying to come up with a strategy that actually works and only in the last six months six to seven months actually from the start of this year have I actually seen success with this strategy so hopefully this video serves you because I'm going to show you the strategy and how I'm actually using very simple approach let's get right into the source now with Qs we can clearly see that the price on definitely has we had the pretty decent bullish days like from Wednesday till Friday we went as high as 43 and that's beautiful right so that's why we would like to see but let me ask you one question and this is how we Outlook every single stock when we look at the high time frame like the weekly on the monthly chart where has Qs been going okay how it has been moving with the price section so we can see that we can argue right we might say it has gone up we might say his has gone up but the reality is that this thing has been going down for quite a bit right now the way that I'm actually analyzing is I'm always following the trend where the trend followers and actually using some other tips and tricks trying to not catch uh trying to not uh be the one that actually loses when you're following the trend and actually the trend breaks it then kind of continues to go lower now the reality is that it's a if you're not using a strategy that you're actually following the rules and you're completely dialed in with your technical analysis and you're just actually following other people's advices on YouTube or whatever they tell you whether it's a co-worker or a friend or a parent I don't know but if you're following their advice and not doing your own technical analysis you're always going to be the part of the 95 of people that they're going to lose and this is the reality I've been there done that okay you need to do on technical analysis if it doesn't meet the rules there is countless other opportunities that are going to occur with the same exact stock or any other particular stock because there's thousands of them right now that being said with 2s without any other philosophy what am I expecting the price to do if the price starts to continue and deliver below the loads right here then I'm actually going to be bearish otherwise I'm just looking at the price action so we're keeping an idea of a high time and Trend but yeah and if the price starts to break below the low it's going to be the only time but I'm going to be bearish otherwise I'm just looking at the price section right now so if you want to save years of your trading journey and actually have a strategy to follow well you're not going to get this anywhere because I have 100 free course of exactly what I'm doing so check it out