what is good Tesla family it's rayj back with another video and in this want to break down what's going on with the overall Market what's going on with Tesla spine video theq and a couple of other tickers what the news is saying about the markets and what the economic calendar is saying and how all of this could affect Tesla as we open for today and move in the stock market before I begin anything down about all this information before I get into any more details let me just mention a couple of things I am firstly not a financial planners who take nothing I say as Financial advice and also if you guys can please check out the moon link which is down below and in the description you sign forumu the link down below and upon $100 in C the account you're guaranteed up to five free stocks now this offer is in just about 5 days so check it out before they run out anyways let's break down what's going on with the market so Tesla is a little bit down as we had some new news coming out involving Germany not to mention their Chinese sales being a little bit weaker from yesterday so that's part of why Tesla kind of down in the pre-market but that doesn't mean Tesla is done with just yet because it's still holding up quite decently at the same time now I just wanted to mentioned to everyone that we're going to be watching our yields and the fixs very very carefully alongside the dollar just to see how things are looking and so far as we were anticipating the dollar is down a little bit the 10 years is kind of down a bit and this in turn is helping the market hold up quite decently so this could lead to more volatility but so far the stock market has not broken some major resistance levels we have to watch for that before we make any big claims now I just wanted to mention that when it comes to news affecting the markets bonds are a little bit lower so which is helping Futures to some extent and we were talking about this potentially happening as investors are seeking some safe havens amidst the violence going on in Israel and Gaza as of right now now there's also a border Siege going on in Israel as they're trying to secure their border and you know the attacks are still continue on both sides which is very sad very horrible and you know it's nothing that anyone truly wants but things like this happen and the best thing we could do is just react to them and you know really hope for the best and Hope for peace now when it comes to something else that's going on with Pepsi they kicked off the new earning season and they ended up beating analyst's expectations they raised their Outlook which is so far so good for the markets and besides that uh just wanted to mention that GM now has to deal with another 18,000 Canadian workers that are basically going on strike and it's their choice of course uh there could also be another 4,300 of them coming out and the strikes are just continuing against the automakers for GM and the two other ones now when it comes to data affecting the markets I just wanted to mention that as soon as we open okay bosk is going to be giving a speech after bosk finishes their speech at 10:00 a.m. eastern time we have the wholesale inventories data coming out and then at 11:00 a.m. eastern time or New York time we have the consumer inflationary expectations coming out that's for Eastern time New York time so 10:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m. is when we have the data coming out then later on during the day we have some fed speakers which I will talk about later on so for now just be prepared for some volatility at 10 and also 11:00 a.m. now as far as Tesla goes I just wanted to mention that there are more of the German Workers who are now joining the union so far we have over a thousand of them so far I know Elon Musk has spoken and given his opinion of this in the past and he wasn't really supportive of this but it is their right in my opinion and we will see what happens with this now as long as it doesn't really slow down Tesla's production like to some massive extent it shouldn't be too impactful for Tesla we'll see what happens as time goes on It's always important to be open-minded during things like this um you never know what this could eventually lead to but for now with this like Trend going on with all the strikes this could continue to disrupt Tesla to some extent so I want just be very careful with news like this anyways besides that let's now break down the charts how are things looking so far so right now looking at some very important factors the vix is down a little bit which could be a pretty decent sign as the market is trying to hold up the dollar is now breaking down below 106 and we also have this head and shoulders we talked about yesterday so this favors more downside as possible for the dollar which could pump the markets but so far it hasn't actually broken uh this support right here this 105.6 6 area we're currently at about 105.7 which is where we saw this thing try to hold up so we're going to be watching that support on the dollar if that ends up breaking then this you know Head and Shoulders will get confirmation and this could lead to more downside for the dollar which would push the market up to some extent and another big factor is going to be the 10-year treasury yield this is currently down 2% at the time I'm recording this at this 47 area which is 4.7% for the yield rate so that's another bullish factor for the markets we were talking about this bearish Divergence that developed on it and the fact that this is coming down is helping the market hold up and push a bit now the question is will these things continue dropping will the tenure continue dropping will the dollar continue dropping we have to watch for that because if you look at spy okay we're going to start off with spy before we talk about Tesla 433 is resistance we haven't broken that just yet we tried to break we haven't truly broken it just yet so we're going to be watching that as we open if we could break 433 this thing is going to have the potential to push up to 436 to potentially 438 above that however if we reject off this and the yields don't really move much from here this could reject off 433 and come right back down to 430 if that fails watch 428 so we're going to be watching that 433 level is going to be very key for spy this morning so watch it and see if we could break it or not as far as Tesla goes we're going to be watching this very very carefully we have 258 as the support that's holding Tesla up if we hold this and start pushing we could be seeing another test of this 260 area if Tesla can break 260 you're gonna be watched to see if Tesla can try to get its way up to about 263 if it can break that or not if we break 263 I can see this thing pushing for 265 plus so watch that very carefully we're still in this range but so far Tesla's trying to hold up now if we break down we have support at 256 to be watching for if that fails us watch 254 25 2.5 and then 250 below that as key supports as of right now Tesla's holding up is trading very flat in the pre-market between 27.5 to about 260 so we will see which way it breaks don't forget that we have this channel that's been developed for the last four days we'll see which of these directions Tesla ends up going in so watch 260 is a key resistance if Tesla could break that 263 is going to be the next key level if it gets above 263 it has potential to start pushing up quite nicely as of right now it hasn't really done that so watch these levels very carefully and then don't forget to watch support as well so we'll see what Tesla could do if the 10year and all these different yields could help it or not as far as Apple goes apple is trying to push up higher but we have one obstacle in our way this resistance has not been able to break just yet on Apple uh very close to the mid 179 if that breaks 180 is going to be on the table and we're just barely holding the 200 EMA as of right now this 177.1 area so watch that carefully If We Hold this and start pushing we could see this thing get closer to the 180 if it Rejects and breaks below this could come down to 176 so it's just barely holding support we will see if Apple could try to continue to break out towards 180 or not for the QQQ if this thing could break 368 we're going to be watching for it to push towards 370 if it fails to hold 365 it's going to come down to 362 watch this area very carefully there is potential for it to get to 370 but we need to break 368 Nvidia is very flat right now a little bit green is starting to push up a bit if Nvidia can break 450 7 we have the potential to push up to 461 the potentially 463 above that and then 465 above that as well if we reject and break below this support right here at uh 450 watch 448 then if that breaks it could come all the way down to 442 again so watch support as of right now it's on a very strong uptrend making higher highs and higher lows looks more bullish with this in and shoulders we could see more upside I'm leaning a bit more in that direction for NVIDIA but we have to watch and see if we can break 457 first anyways that's pretty much it for this video right now the dollar is still down so is the 10-year treasury yeld the bonds are still favoring the Bulls for the equities market so we will see if this continues and just be very patient and openminded nonetheless all right guys so hopefully this video was helpful have a great day I'll see you guys very very soon to see what ends up happening with these yields and the dollar Index thank you have a great day watch resistance very carefully and peace out