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what is good so family it's Ray J back with another video and this one I wanted to just clarify something very important about the markets in Tesla let me first say that I am not a financial planner take none of this as Financial advice but anyways for tomorrow the market is going to be open for a full session it's not going to be half a day it's not going to be like a quarter of a day like some people are just wondering it's going to be an entire full day for the markets for Tesla and Etc don't forget at 10 o'clock AM we have some economic optimism coming out that's going to be an important reward then we have the fomc minutes which is very important data from the fed that's coming out at about two o'clock P.M eastern time then we have Williams from the FED giving a speech so quite a bit of data is coming out be ready for this and expect some volatility all right so besides this though until the time finally comes for Wednesday just enjoy what life has to offer I went over all the levels on Tesla yesterday so you could look at my previous video for that and until then have an amazing Fourth of July weekend spend time with people you love uh eat some good food watch some fireworks and use today as a source of inspiration be grateful for the sacrifices that were made for us to be where we are to be grateful for your country for the people that you love for your family and so many others out there I appreciate every single one of you have a great Fourth of July once again I'll see you guys tomorrow during the pre-market for the next video Tesla in the market to the Moon because the long term is still very bright and peace out

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