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what is good guys it's Ray J back with another video and let me first say that I'm not a financial planner so take none of this as Financial advice and also guys just remember what today is today is Father's day so use this time to remember your fathers call your fathers and I just want to wish all the fathers out there a very very happy Father's Day enjoy food enjoy nature and have a very very good time right now Tesla's holding above the 50 email and the one hour time frame so it's still holding up quite nicely there's no true confirmation of Tesla breaking down so you have peace of mind right now you know Tesla's not tanking your Shares are not losing a ton of value as of right now so it's completely fine the Market's also going to be closed for tomorrow so I'm going to be back with more in-depth updates on the market tomorrow but until then we have until Tuesday by the time the Market opens so just enjoy what life has to offer and please enjoy the weekend so all the fathers you are loved you are appreciated and your hard work is not in vain okay you are still working very hard you are inspiring so many people and you are going to continue to do so you are appreciating this community and I really hope that as many Fathers as possible are honored on a day like this on top of that for all the people out there that have fathers be grateful for your fathers do not take that for granted because so many people in the world don't even have fathers growing up right like I said before a lot of people okay could be dads a lot of men could have children but not all of these men are fathers there's a big difference there so please remember the privilege of having a father additionally if you feel like you did not grow up with the Father which is once again understandable it happens it's life do not keep your head down keep your head up because you could also remember the other people in your life that have inspired you especially the male figures uh maybe they you grew up looking at Elon Musk and looking up to him for example so you could take inspiration from him watch an inspirational video from him or you could look at many other things you could talk to your mom for example talk to your uh other people like your family and your friends and even if none of those are in your life there's still so much to look up to you could have two hands two feet you could have your vision your hearing you could still be living an absolutely fantastic life and just appreciate all the little things in life especially with people you love right and appreciate nature appreciate the water the sun on top of us right it's above us it's shining on us and it appreciate what life has to offer be optimistic and never give up on your dreams I thank you all so much for listening and once again have a very very happy Father's Day to all the fathers your hard work once again was not in vain you are appreciated and you are at the Bedrock of this country this country would not be what it is without the fathers thank you for listening have a great day I will see you guys tomorrow for the next video alongside the whole Market is the market is still holding up and I'll see you guys very soon thank you and peace out

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