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pev going next and should you buy or sell X Bank stock in this video I'm going to cover everything regarding technical analysis price predictions focus on outlooks on XPath stock and to do all of this I'm going to use a strategy that has statistically shown to work in the past all I'm showing you right here is my previous wins which you can simply go ahead and check out everything is with proof but the main reason why I'm showing you the wins right of the start just to build on just to credentialize myself because basically in the last two years I've exactly like you I've been trying to find a strategy that's profitable and it's going to work for me and I've documented everything on my YouTube channel and only in the last six months after following a uh my strategy right now that I'm using has actually helped me accumulate all of these hundreds of wins now that being said hopefully this video serves you and also get right into the source uh now the way that we're doing this we're always following the trend and this has been the way ever since actually in the from the start of this year actually yeah when they started actually testing it I've been through a lot okay I've tested I've refined it and after a lot of trial and error uh We've Come to realization that following the trend is the best thing you can actually ever do but it actually depends to the person because some stocks are like a lottery ticket right but in this situation I'm not gonna comment whether you should buy or so I'm never going to tell you whether to buy or sell I'm just giving you my Technical and uh analysis in my prediction therefore here because we're kind of in this beautiful upbringing trend of the price hard time is definitely still pretty bearish this is why I'm actually waiting right here and I have this wait sign but most definitely still expecting more bullish moves to continue and take out the highs and we're then going to observe the price section and wait for the high time prediction so that hopefully makes sense now if you're still not having us your own detected uh strategy to do if you actually are trying to just buy or sell any particular stock you need to have a strategy it's not that harder you think for example I have 100 free course that you can check out first link in the description of how I do things uh and it's going to save you if your actual trading journey I saved you all the trial and error but this is my way of looking at the things okay we're following the trend so let me know what is your opinion next step and have a wonderful day

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