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we don't have the crystal ball that they have down there in DC but we got the next best thing we got our technical analysis on the cues to tell us where the markets are going we're out here not trying to chase the crumbs we want the whole loaf and this is part of that war chest of tools that we have folks this is it we are getting close to the beginning of the week we got things happening I'm going to tell you exactly what I think is going to happen out there to start the week and where I see things going this is going to be interesting stick around I think you're gonna like what I got for you so as we take a look let's get into two things one I'm going to be looking at the tacticals here in a second but I want to show you where we're coming from down 9.67 for tea with the cues triple leverage on this thing it has been absolutely ugly out there but uh we got other things to look at we got the regular cues here over down about 3.1 percent over the last week go to the month though you're down 1.6 you go to the triple cues and we're down about 6.35 so you would think it was horrible but it hasn't been as bad as everybody thinks look how much the cues are up 35.33 but the million dollar question where are we going can we make money on these and that's what pulls me into the first thing I want to go ahead and take a look at the cues I already put some notes up here but we'll go over everything now as you can see here a few things going on warning five-day EMA drops below the 13 and 50 folks yes that is a major sign right there as you can see now the other big thing I have and this is the one that is striking to me is right here it is the Bollinger band I put down huge Bollinger band low are we recovering Monday or Tuesday I think Monday gives us green I think today gives us green I've said it before I'll say it again if you believe in the RSI the Bollinger band the moving averages and one more tool the FIB you will be just fine and I'll pull that up here in a second but first things first you can see a few things uh you got the price right here the cues what do we got 357 right so let's go ahead take a look at a few things here we got some support levels where did I have I already wrote it down there right there right there was our support level and you can come out here and see it at 354. so 354 was a long-term support level that we have had and we continue as I mess with this thing to have that and as we look at it we will see that we have that level that 354 ultimate long-term level we got through we broke through it came down retested a little bit here bounced back up came back down rested on it came back up came down again and now we're teasing it again but that is an ultimate level of Support over the last I would say since summer the beginning of Summer uh and back in the beginning of June so now we get out here and we're closing in October now we're getting down to retest it again people ask me what do you think Mo I'm going to tell you this I think we actually bounce off of this for now we got the sell-off a little earlier I said October plus or minus a month well we got it in September we got a little bit of a sell-off here and the big question becomes are we going to break below 354 or are we going to bounce off this area and back up and now we look at the RSI the RSI screaming hey slow down there Slugger we might still have some downward pressure here well you can see we've been dropping along with the market and now we dip down below 50 which we know we're no longer in that neutral area we are in the bearish area and that's what scares me with this and so we got a lot of things happening here and that's my concern if this continues to stay down there if this continues to give us the bearish look and continue to drop we're getting there but right now it is a little bit bearish but the Bollinger band like I said before way oversold way oversold this to me tells me that most likely today we're going to see green but I wanted to bring this to you let you see it now what's the other thing we can always do we can always let me get in here and make this a little bigger but we can come out here and say okay well Mo I see what you're saying if if in fact we are uh going to go ahead and see a move back up what would you say what would you say to that and and so as I come down here and I look at this and where we're at and where we're going to retrace to and everything else I would take this right here let me and let me make that a little bigger for everybody because I know it's a little hard to see but so let me pull this out make this a little bit bigger for everyone and this way you can see it a little better so what I have right in here just to be and throwing my old for those who don't know who I am I'm old stock Mo a teacher of high school and college level finance and now I'm coming on YouTube and trying to help people break the bank so as you can see right here uh we have the Bollinger band which I pointed out we got the support now we got the fibs up and we are resting right here now my point is I think we go back up to that sweet spot what's The Sweet Spot it's right in here so we got all this sweet spot right in here lots of good sweet spot so this is going to bounce off that support I think personally we're going to move back up into that spot and that's my that's where I'm taking things to go right now I think we break through the first resistance break through the second resistance get up through the third resistance and get in that Goldilocks zone between the 50 and 61.8 percent retracement I think we came down we'll Trace up and at that point we're gonna have to sit here and talk but right now that's the Zone I think we're going to go to in the next week or two or maybe even a little bit more but that's what I'm watching for now if we do not if we continue to fall below what number 354 354. I have it right here 354 is the number if we fall below 354 we're in trouble but I expect us to get above 363 for the cues and then I expect us to get above 366 next if we don't watch out we're gonna go back and retest 354. I think we get above 369 next and then or in that Goldilocks zone where it's going to be make or break at 372 for the cues and then that's what we're going to watch now there's no guarantees on this but that's what I'm kind of seeing here based off of this we could have one or two more days to test this bottom and then start that rocket up but I think it's going to happen quicker because of how low we are on that Bollinger band now let me know if you like this if you don't like these kind of videos but I'm going to move on to a the tqq here and I wanted to show that and this is the easiest way to do this and so we're going to pop this up now for those that don't know you can come on over to my patreon and follow along we have the stock Mo patreon right here you can see what stocks and buy and sell I'm bringing a ton of technicals to the family moving forward plus my portfolios plus my buys and sells and hopefully live streaming to the members we got a lot of things going on this is your chance to come over and support the channel and get a lot more education As you move forward link down below get your free stocks from MooMoo as as well 100 deposit click the link take advantage of it five free stocks worth up to two thousand a piece five thousand dollar deposit fifteen stocks free share of Tesla Google link right below and better yet Weeble is giving us one dollar deposit or more any deposit actually but you gotta use my link below you get up to 12 stocks worth up to thirty thousand six hundred take advantage of both of them I have Accounts at both of them they're gonna give you free money take advantage of it now we move into the cubes now why the triple cues with t this is tqq for those that don't know this is the higher leverage and you can see much of the same thing you got the busting down of the RSI I still am nervous about this I might day trade a little bit based on the one minute or five minute for Monday for today but at that point this still tells me we are embarrassed I would expect this to click back up a little bit based on the Bollinger I would kind of try to predict this but I don't like to do it I like RSI is my number one indicator and that is screaming look we are getting close to that overbought and that means we should be buying but we haven't had confirmation yet that it's time to jump in for a nice run up for a few days we haven't gotten it right now we're still seeing the the five day 13 Day and Third 50 day just changing places and that's not good and so I think for a day or two we might get a little bit of green but I'm still watching for an overall trend uh you see this you got it you got a lot of things going on you can come up and you can put in uh the FIB as well just like I said before get down there and once we do you'll see the retracement where are we well we're around 35 right so as we get 35 the next big number up is going to be 37. so if I'm going to go ahead and I think we're going to break through that but my opinion is if I'm doing a short-term option on this which I might be like a weekly I'd be trying to push a 37 uh strike price because I think we can get above there and I think we get up to the 38.50 and then you might say well what's the ultimate goal here well the ultimate goal is between these two which is 39 to what do I got AI here 40. so I think between 39 and 40 over the next two weeks we could get back up to depending on what happens with the market the economics the macro economics there's a lot of things oils playing big on this they're talking about a possible drop of 0.5 on the global and we're talking Global GDP if oil continues to move higher in prices and there's more cuts by the Saudis and Russia it could get ugly so remember that this is not something that you can just look at and say well it's perfect mom well yeah it's perfect until somebody messes with it and so you can see we got negativity here in the RSI we got negativity with the moving averages we got I would say positive movement here with the Bollinger because it's oversold so we should be moving up a little bit of volatility with the expansion there but I gave you the levels here on tqqq throw in 30 cues it doesn't matter we're here to make money and but that's what I'm looking at so hopefully I did this one a little quicker because I know it's early in the morning you guys want to get out there and make money that's what what it's about and hopefully we crush it if you like these kind of things you want to see more of them I need to know in the comments what do you want to see it on the indices name one we got the cues we got the Spy we got uh we got Dow Jones we got the Dow so we can do any of those and we can do individual companies as well it's easier I would say when you do the indices it gives you a better idea using some of the fundamentals of the macroeconomic situation out there we're talking the oil we're talking on employment we're talking to Fed actions if you combine both of these the fundamentals of the macro economic system and the technicals out there you have yourself the war chest you need to crush this Market if you haven't done it hit the like hit the Subscribe I'm going to bring more uh technical stock analysis to you I'm going to also bring you the fundamental analysis we're going to put it together we're going to have the ultimate War chest and beating this Market down if you haven't subscribed hit the Subscribe hit the like hit the bell for notifications folks we're not chasing crumbs we want the put a fire Emoji in the comments down below let me know where you're from and man I am pumped for today I'm looking forward over at the patreon to go ahead and get some trading done I'm going to see if maybe I can do some live trading as well on a live stream we're going to see it's going to be a wild thing so if you haven't like I said subscribe to it you'll see that live stream come out if we pull that trigger today all right folks I appreciate you stopping by let's get out there and make some money

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