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is sitting at $24.70 and as we can see right here why where is this thing going next just from looking at the price at the 4 Hour we we can clearly see just by looking at like let's follow the trend together broke down from this then here we broke bullish structure coming back from this demand area I mean hypothetically we're expecting the highs there to get cleared but let's not forget from a high down of perspective that this here we had a pretty big inefficiency which kind of is pulling in the price there and also we have a pretty big demand area like beneath us uh the idea is that hard time from wise man I'm definitely expecting next like the 29929 highs to get cleared like this is my goal Target so whatever you call it for me next but as I mentioned again following the strategy that I've tested for the last kind of three years that I've been testing strategies and everything this is the strategy that accumula thousands of wins a lot a lot of wins only this short amount of period of time look one year or so but I'm generally expecting the price to kind of come into here give me the confirmation if it gives me and then if it gives me the confirmation I'm bullish to the highs so this is why I have this weight sign right here so I'm only bullish from this demand area if it gives me the confirmation was the confirmation a lower time frame shift like I something like I've drawn like right here this is OB just my perspective and opinion now if you want to learn the strategy for free there is 100% free course a very like kind of in-depth course that I've it's worth 125 bucks that I've listed off for free so anyone can have it

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