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stop whatever you're doing right now and buy Tesla stock Tesla's stock price is expected to reach 300 this week due to a series of positive developments and promising future prospects to begin with Tesla's Q2 results are set to be released this Sunday which will likely contribute to another surge in the stock price depending on the company's performance in the second quarter we may witness a further increase in the following week notably Tesla has already sold over 14 000 units in China alone and the Tesla Model y has seen a staggering 90 percent increase in vehicle registrations compared to last year furthermore the highly anticipated Tesla cyber truck is scheduled for production this year with over 14 000 pre-orders already secured the level of interest in the Cyber truck is truly remarkable not only does it boast exceptional specifications but it is also considered the best electric vehicle truck in terms of durability in addition to these positive developments Tesla is currently experiencing a short squeeze with short positions losing over 120 billion dollars thus far this further adds to the Intrigue surrounding Tesla's performance in 2023 given Elon musk's track record it is safe to say that we can expect even more exciting developments from Tesla in the future if you found this information helpful please consider leaving a like and subscribing for more updates

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