🚧 TSLA stock next week (will blow!?) (Video)

big question where is Tesla going next let me show you my Outlook and forecast very short video so with Tesla these are my outlooks on Tesla right this is very simple let me show you to you why this is the likelihood of this thing just going higher so look at a Tesla from a high D perspective I already talked about this but this is in a very beautiful bullish Trend discussed it like how we're already like 13 years in this beautiful bullish bullish Runway and previously my Outlook was just expecting upside moves from right here mainly because again we were still in a bullish Trend and after we had these bullish moves the likelihood of this just continue with the trend is a lot higher than the going lower but you can see sometimes it's not always that the case because this is trading again me following my system is just something that I was accumulated me thousands of winds and I'm going to keep following it okay and of course losses but it's just part of the process is just part of trading and being profitable now with Tesla only time that I'm actually going to have this prediction being bullish right here is if the price comes back and Taps into the gr area if this goes without me like you can do whatever he wants right I can let it go without me because there's going to be a limited amount of opportunities to actually try and making our predictions just following the strategy but this is what I'm saying you need to stick and follow rules let me know what is your opinion and I'll see you in the next one