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yeah this thing is about to actually do something crazy we're sitting at 746 the obviously like today hasn't been that big of a day only like 2.23% down as of Friday the market is still open L trading day uh trading day of the week also going to see going to talk about the next week and actually what I'm expecting it to do okay everything regarding technical analysis and price predictions in this very short amount of period let's make sure to keep watching this video till the end so uh watching you like from hard perspective this is where where a lot of people actually just screw up okay of said in all of the hundreds of videos that I made on Neo this thing is in a beautiful bullish Trend right one thing that I don't want you to kind of be and just care about Neo is that this thing is in a beautiful Trend again this is just my perspective and opinion I've done like more than 13,000 videos in the last three years this is just me following my system that has accumulated me thousands of wind look just looking at it from this perspective from the weekly he the same exact theme as as the High time frame like we broke the structure up here and now we're in the deom area now I'm going to show you exactly what I'm expecting to the price to do right now okay to basically there's obviously a lot of situations that could be going WR but I generally think that we're going to break the lows right and just clear all the liquidity as such here because there's a lot of liquidity there and it's going to get cleared even if that happens and we actually just still stick in like still sit in the range if the price buys some some way actually just starts to break on the daily chart above this line right here and for me this is a beautiful shift bullish therefore I'm going to expect it to continue and still deliver above the highs obviously this is just my perspective and opinion not Financial advice if you want to take a TR to the next level for free check out the links below absolutely free

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