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where is spy stock going next should you buy seller weight on spdr S&P 500 ETF trust okay S&P 500 ETF sitting at 440 bucks and my whole idea is that I'm expecting these highs kind of this is the Target right this is the aim next we're expecting 457 highs I'm expecting 457 or 463 highs to get cleared right when I say this I basically mean that this is the my liquidity point and where my goal is my aim you need to have a goal to actually um use a strategy right and I'm using my strategy that I've tested over the last three years and 13,000 videos with that how how we're going POS how am I going to position myself in it so we just shifted the price bullish here on the daily which is good right I love to see it we made these highs this is the demand area which we coming from I mean a lower time frame love to see this thing continue and make new kind of bullish moves right here even if it comes a little bit into this demand area I mean yeah this is still a pretty big beautiful demand area which I will probably just go ahead and just be bullish from there too if we have the confirmation and wait for the confirmation so if you want to learn my strategy for absolutely free you can go ahead and check out the first link in the description everything regarding psychology strategies Frameworks methods all of that free people are charging money for this type of stuff

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