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TSLA stock is down around 30% down like not that big of a deal but let's talk about it okay where is this thing going next with Tesla from a higher time perspective you already see my previous kind of outl which from here I was actually expecting it to continue to take out the highs we actually came up short with that in that scenario so yeah now we're into the next one with Tesla like let's not forget that we're in a beautiful bullish Trend I mean the trend that we have been overall setting up ever since 200 I I to I I think 2000s to be honest right overall from the start of this year we're definitely up around 85% year to dat actually very good stat and looking at it from a weekly perspective this is the range they were in right this is the demand area this is where the hedge funds sold out before they actually bought up back the price so this is where they're actually taking liquidity and I think even if it doesn't come back into this demand area it can still the idea is still expecting first and foremost these Highs at like 300 bucks to get cleared and then as high as 400 15 so that's my Outlook let me show you how that's going to look like it again as I said for me to be bullish from that CR area I will need to wait for the confirmation me personally again this is just something that's worked for me and I've tested it for the last 13,000 videos now if you want to learn my strategy for absolutely free and what I put in the last three years and 13,000 uploads go ahead and check out my free course it's better than people's paid stuff literally

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