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where is Tesla going next should you buy sell or maybe wait and this thing is very interesting now looking at Tesla this is going to be a very short video we only 66% up I mean for the week it's definitely bullish week of like 6% up for the week and with AMC my previous Outlook was something like this right this was me being bullish from right here to the highs um we were looking for a good month we were definitely going bullish and then just turn to the other side right this is what happened here um what what is my Outlook right this was kind of wrong and I absolutely understand this is going to happen again this is each trading right you not always going to be correct in 100% I'm going to show you even my losses and also my wins right I've documented a lot of wins like thousands of wins it's all more like I don't have all the pictures of these but I have maybe half of them with pictures and all of them are just on my YouTube channel now with Tesla what is my Outlook I'm expecting first and foremost these 299 highs to get cleared and then actually the alltime highs so this is what I'm anticipating the price to do obviously I'm not a hedge fund so I don't know exactly where the price is going to go but following the strategy and system that I've actually tested over the last 13,000 videos is something that has shown to work for me um is actually the way so this is what I'm going to use so that being said if the price gives me the confirmations after it Taps into the Zone this is what I have this great sign this is going to be the only time when I'm bullish otherwise he can go even without me right you can right now just boom just go higher without even without me and I would definitely not give an f right it's just my perspective if it Taps into the Zone it gives me the confirmation that it's on now obviously not Financial advice this is just my perspective and I'll see you in the next one

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