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Tesla versus Neo this is it I'm kidding I actually don't see them as competition but I want to have fun with the title and thumbnail and by the way they're actually this is really compelling check this out this is China EV January through April sales and this is in the tier this is based on the tier cities in China which is by size right the biggest ones are the tier ones and then on down but check this out the first tier cities you've got the Tesla Model y 31 Tesla Model 332 percent Neo et5 37 way down a minute I thought the et5 wasn't selling very well hold on a minute how about let's let's go back up here to the Tesla Model Y and the second tier cities 35 Tesla Model 3 in the second tier cities 36 percent Neo et5 32 percent hold on somebody tell these guys they're not supposed to be selling so many vehicles this is a startup company what are they doing Tesla Model y I'm just having fun with this video if you haven't figured out by now Tesla Model y 26 for the third tier City uh Tesla Model 3 26 percent for the third tier City 27 for the Neo et5 hold on people let's just there's something something must be skewed or wrong about this data we're almost to the point that I really want to point something out here this this is good stuff actually uh Tesla Model y in the fourth tier and fifth tier cities six and one percent the model three five and one percent Neo uh with the et5 three and one percent hang on though because Neo has this Focus for the infrastructure battery swap Power Swap stations in what I call the rural model the smaller cities they're focusing on this look at that and they definitely have some upside to take as far as the market goes because Tesla isn't very far in there right I'm just saying I just want to point that out not a comparison not a not it's look it's not a competition I don't see the two companies as really being competitors uh but I I haven't really and the fun part about this is when I first heard about Neo the reason I heard about Neo is it was being touted as the Chinese Tesla and that's when I first started looking I was like oh that sounds compelling and so I started digging into it and The more I've dug into it the more I'm like they are they are different but very different companies different brands they're doing very different things um but I want to have fun with this video as a one-off and also share this data because I thought that was really that was an interesting chart I will link it in the description so you can check it out for yourselves because I know I'm not the only research nerd out here in the world in the Free World As I like to call it let me wrap this thing up quick hitter just to start the day have a great day have a great week we'll see y'all again real soon

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