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in this video I'm going to show you my technical analysis Focus I'll look and predictions on Neo okay so I'm basically going to show you exactly what I'm going to expect Neo to go in the next few following days to do all of this I'm going to use a strategy that has actually been tested previously this has statistically shown to work for me in the past I'm going to walk it through my analysis uh basically going to show the rules we're going to use the rules in this two to three minute video I'm going to walk you through it so let's get right into it without wasting nobody's time now new previously with Neo we did manage to have some kind of our predictions on Neo if I go ahead and search Neo you will you're going to see something here yeah two testimonials this bullish prediction right here and then we've got this bearish production which I actually still keep on the chart and both of the predictions you have video linked through below which you can go ahead and check out but nonetheless we also had a little prediction look at something like this in the most recent video this was like like this this was a prediction okay I was expecting bearish outside moves from here lower now the price that went a little bit a little bit higher to mitigate the red areas that we mentioned previously we did that and then after that we came back lower okay I'm going to leave it up to you I'm not cutting this as the correct credential okay so let's actually make the new analysis still following the same exact Trend and whatnot now why am I doing that mainly because of the strategy and that has statistically shown to work for me in the past following the the rules the confluences on the strategy which are trying to plan demand into confirmation and of course there's something a little bit more to it because you got to know the time frames and whatnot but we hypothetically mitigated this area right here and more likely or not we're going to continue to deliver lower like this now why am I bearish again following the system we're mitigating the range this is in what range we're in even the price came somewhere in here I will look for a confirmation in this area so I can actually again take it lower so these are my two scenarios if you found any value like the video it's going to help medicine if you want to learn the strategy that I'm using for absolutely free we have free limited access to the course till 18th of June so take advantage of this situation right now because it's limited and do not forget to check out the user