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where is Qs going next and should you buy or sell Qs or quantumscape stock in this video I'm going to cover everything regarding technical analysis price predictions focus and outlooks all in two minutes time and to do all of this I'm going to use the strategy that has previously statistically shown to work in the past now um I just showed you some of the wins the main reason why I'm doing this is mainly because just to credentialize myself right at the start of the video mainly because a lot of the times you're just going to see some of these random YouTubers do put random lines on the chart and they haven't actually tested their strategy I've done it in the past uh have all my wins documented even in my discrete server which is in the wins section which for example um basically just what has I'm following a strategy that has worked for me in the past six or seven months helping me accumulate all of these wins how am I doing this let me ask you one question how is this thing trending okay how has been moving in the past following is from this monthly chart there are some arguments to be made but for me this is pretty bearish and I'm following the trends right why have I actually why am I doing this some people are going to disagree with me and this is obviously uh understandable but I have seen hundreds and hundreds of wins helping me accumulate all these wins by following the trend right this is what has worked for me so hopefully it serves you now because we're in a supply area I basically said if the price starts to break below now it's going to be this point I'm going to look for potential downside moves otherwise so only if we break the laws right I'm going to look forward to four potential downside moves to five bucks otherwise I'm just looking at the price action right here while my bearish because of the high time frame it has been bearish ever since 2020 so for the last three years so this is the idea that I have entering this is only the technical analysis and obviously this is not Financial advised by any means but I'm following a strategy with a complete set of rules that has worked for me in the past obviously this could be an adult but trading is a game of probabilities and if you're still just listening what other people understand telling you to do and just watching these YouTubers like me say whatever they want uh you're always gonna be the part of the 95 of people that lose because you don't have a strategy and the reality is the five percent that do have strategy that they're refining and testing always going to be ahead of you and it's not like it's a competition game obviously everyone wants to make money but you need to have a strategy to follow and actually not just be lucky for one time and then lose all the time you want to be consistently profitable that's the reality now if you want to save videos of your trading Union actually don't know where to start 100 free course of mine which you can go ahead and check out also be free

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