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where is Tesla stock going next should you buy sell or maybe wait Tesla is sitting at 20 $ 22159 and today is a little bit up with Tesla from my previous 10 point of view you can see right here I was a little bit bullish expecting the highs to continue to get cleared nothing has changed from that point onward right nothing has changed we're still in this beautiful range what I would do is just forget all the price section you see on the left and just work with this price right here okay I'm talking about this range and whatever happens I mean my idea is that I'm expecting these highs to get cleared and then ideally to make new alltime Highs but how can we capitalize on this again made 13,000 videos in the last three years of tested all the strategies this is just something that has worked for me because I'm sharing everything that's working for me this is the whole point of the channel and I have a goal to $100,000 per month of documenting the journey now with Tesla I had one rule again following the strategy because if you're not following the rules nor the strategy you're basically gambling and this is not the way to go about with Trading was if we ever come into the gray area if it gives me the confirmations then it's going to be the time where I'm actually going to be bullish if it doesn't tap into the gray area it just goes without me why fine I'm not chasing it because there's a lot more opportunities to be presented into the markets well that's my outl look obviously not financial viice and I'm definitely volution on Tesla so yeah if you want to learn my strategy for absolutely free you can go ahead and grab my free course people are charging money for this type of stuff go ahead and grab it for free and I'll see you in the next one

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