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where is Neo going next and should you buy or sell Neo stock in this video I'm going to cover everything on your technical analysis price predictions focus and outlooks all in two minutes time and to do all of this I'm going to use my strategy that has statistically shown to work in the past six to seven months helping me accumulate all of these hundreds of wins now let's get right into the results uh first and foremost let me ask you one question what is the trend of Neo okay how has this been how has this thing been going um in the last basically that's every can represents one month and this is the whole data that we ever have on trading view of new what is the trend uh there is a lot of arguments to be made and this is very crucial in how the way that I'm actually looking stocks it's very crucial to understand this whole technical analysis like a top-down analysis for me I have an argument that it's bullish because we start after it's hard to break Above This high right here we can argue it was like the 10 or the 14 buck High in a matter of what um it was a good like maybe close to a year like 280 days we went as much as like to close to 300 000 this is like 30X no matter of less than 300 days uh they'll be after that the price just kind of corrected itself down and this is the nature of the markets after huge upside moves the correction is gonna happen and after we had the break of a unusual basically just of this kind of whole Trend down you see after a breakout of this whole Trend down we can angle this there was a break right here this puts us into a very beautiful position where the price right now for me is the definitely still like pretty bullish and I'm expecting the price to do something like this now before I get in show you in a second in a brief second I'm going to show you my previous new wins like this bear between right here here is the video link proof this bearish win and the third win on Neo here is a link once again uh and I have also one on the chart which uh I'm just very lazy to make a picture like this but my prediction on Neo is most definitely still continue to take out the highs I showed you my big idea in my previous video just basically expecting more highs to be cleared this is a short-term prediction the bigger idea is definitely to continue making all-time high so if you still don't have a strategy and you want to save views of your trading Journey check out the first link in the description it's 100 free course everything's Fair on this channel