🧨CHPT Stock (ChargePoint stock ANALYSIS CHPT STOCK PREDICTIONS CHPT STOCK Analysis mesothelioma firm (Video)

in this video I'm going to share my technical analysis forecast I'll look at predictions on chpt this is charge Point Holdings to actually give you the analysis like straight out I'm not going to hide anything from you I'm going to use a strategy that has been refined over the years that has been shown to work me in the past like thousands of not thousands but hundreds of hours have been actually spent to actually x-ray there's one strategy now of course I'm not saying that this strategy has 100 win rate but I'm going to use the rules show you everything in this three minute video so make sure to watch until the end and let's get right into the sauce in the past uh I'm not quite sure that we have had CH PT right I'm not sure that we have any experiences previously with chbt and that's correct I just basically searched in my testimonial section on my Discord but we haven't had any but I have seen some drawings this is from my past um basically videos yesterday so I'm basically just going to iterate on that video a little bit more monthly chart that's the thing that we actually want to see right because if you just go a little bit to the left yeah it's I don't really like this a little a huge upside move now we just be a little bit logical yeah that definitely broke your structure somewhere there so this still puts us into a bearish trend hypothetically now following the weekly because I've had a decent amount of drawings like on the chart uh just to let you know my hard time for prediction of this thing I'm just gonna show you it's not gonna be like it's gonna be the same as my previous video but look at this beautiful delivery it went up mitigated it and delivered lower below the lows this beautiful delivery of the price action there and then we broke again to the structure here and that puts us into another range okay on the weekly and that range starts from this high right here let me just grab the two it starts from this high not here but here that's only kind of just kind of reviewing it for depth perspective because this area right here that we have could easily be mitigated from 12 to 13 bucks somewhere in the middle like in the halves that could easily be mitigated and that's still uh the price could easily still be quite bearish there okay we will have to confirm this thing by a way by some type of way now yeah that's just me uh kind of making a video and on the price that's actually how potentially bearish now how are we gonna know that we obviously have to confirm I'm gonna do this analysis over and over like around three to four tops and I'm just giving all the dreams and what I'm actually doing and when I'm actually using this strategy so uh yeah like the video if you found any if you're finding any value into this thing but the first confirmation of bearish price action moves is going to be break below this lows reload these lows so if we start uh to go and deliver baby from right here so uh that looks something like basically this or basically just have a break then in our break that's the only time what I'm going to look for downside moves for chpt deliver below 783 low so that's a kind of the game plan until then this I'm expecting it to continue and deliver above the high simple is that right let's see HPT so if you find a new at least I'm expecting the price to deliver above the highs that's not the case we start to deliver lower we're going to have lower bearish predictions they'll do the lows there so if you find any value like the video it's going to help me a ton if you want to learn the strategies I'm using go ahead and check all the free course materials first link in the description and do not forget to join the newsletter okay you'll get the most valuable tips and insights worth thousands of dollars every Sunday for free in your DM to get better profitable make money