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where is Neo going next and should you buy or sell new stock in this video I'm going to cover everything we got a technical analysis price predictions focus and outlooks all in two minutes time and through all of this I'm going to use a strategy of mine that basically have refined over the last two years which has helped me accumulate hundreds and hundreds of wins only in the last six to seven months when I started to actually make these pictures now the thing is that I'm exactly like you I'm just trying I'm a guy who's trying to come up with a strategy testing a lot of strategies right and seeing what sticks therefore I'm sharing everything that I learned on this YouTube channel and I have a goal to make hundred thousand dollars per month so make sure to like And subscribe if you want to be along this part of my alongside of my journey now with Neo let me ask you one very simple question if you just zoom on this is very um very personal I mean a lot of people are going to have different arguments on Neo okay so what is the overall trend that we have had with all this is all the price action that we ever have from 2018 and we can argue there's a lot of arguments to be had but overall the structure to me and the trend is bullsh okay now my argument is because we probably structured bullish here the green impulsive move is far bigger than the correction and the correction is going to happen this is just the nature of the market therefore after even we started to shift Above This weekly high that for me was I was just saying that the whole time when I was making various predictions on you because in the past I had a few wins with Neo and they were actually all bearish like this very twin this bull uh not this this is this was a bullish screen they had this beautiful Berry Street okay you have all the links in the proof of me following stem exact strategy Now what is my expectation because we started to achieve the weekly my gramskin over here I'm expecting new all-time highs to be made but a lower time frame if the price starts to shift and give me the confirmation that I expect right here and this is why I'm going to keep you updated I will be bullish otherwise I'm just observing so if you find any value like the video if you want to learn my strategy for absolutely free and what has worked for me in the last six or seven months helping me accumulate all of these wins check out the first link in the description

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