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where is srfm going next and should you buy or sell surf air Mobility stock in this video I'm going to cover everything regarding srfm uh this with mpw have the same picture I don't know what's up with that but the thing is the the to do all of this I'm going to use a strategy that has actually statistically shown to work in the past when I say this you can simply just go check out all the wins and credentials from my strategy this is what has actually shot the work for me in the past six months and what has helped me accumulate all of these hundreds of wins and keep in mind I've tried I've been trying to come up with this strategy for the last two years so this is what has heard me hopefully it serves you obviously not Financial advice I'm never going to tell whether to buy or sell any particular stock I'm just showing you my perspective in opinion with this thing one thing is for sure that we're in a very big bearish Trend like I uh although it has only been trading for like what one day the thing is that I'm genuinely still expecting the price to continue and deliver bearish as such just I'm not saying it's going to go to zero bucks or whatever but um what I'm saying is that I'm expecting it to continue and deliver below 227 so yeah let me know what is your opinion on srfm this is from my previous experience of this strategy and just following the system so if you want to shave using your trading Journey check out the first link in the description is 100 free course

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