#118 ⚡️🚗 Tesla’s Stock vs. ⚒️ UAW Strike at Ford’s Truck Plant Labor Battle Escalates! 📈🔧 (Video)

so how to open up the stock chart of Tesla is you just type in TSLA right up here or you can go to our software WMS and from there click on the Yahoo finance link and open up the same chart so this guy has been holding forth over here 250 floating around there and then how we going to code relate this with the ongoing strikes in the US is found right here UAW launcher strike against fors kandui truck plan signaling major escalation in the labor union fight this is crazy all right they are sabotaging their own car manufacturers of course they have the right to ask for higher pay and that's why Tesla is the only manufacturer that doesn't have a union because it disrupt operation so once for is affected you can see stock price spike down 2.37% means they cannot produce cars if they're not producing cars they are losing money all right they're burning cash every single day while the rest of the guys will think think about C oil going up gasoline will be going up then they will go in to look for Tesla to buy but this hh1 manager is shorting Tesla so every time we are looking at opposing news and our job is to interpret it all right so we go on right here he shorting it despite being bullish on the broader market so you see when you read a sentence like that is very confusing one you are bullish on the broader Market but you're shorting Tesla stock okay let's hear the argument right here having more than double in value this year now said that the stock NOW phases is a very different environment to earlier this year surging interest rates with a 10 year Trey e spiking 4.8% recently as creating a challenging backdrop for Auto Sales Rising rates have pushed up the typical new vehicle loan interest rate to 9.62 so of 5.25 so the moment you read that you must do this all right so let me find a place uh let me organize this um 99.62% minus 5.25 which is a fat fund rate equals to how much so 9.62 minus 5.25 4.37 okay hi thank you for watching if you enjoyed the way I go about performing analysis connecting the dots then I want to invite you to our upcoming cozy live trading this is a full scale 5our session and what we do is this we always cover the past two weeks what the key events have happened in the stock market and we also cover the next two weeks so together coming to the Cozy live trading you enjoy one month of complete knowledge whereby we connect the dots perform the analysis and then we fire off the traits so join us really really soon in the upcoming cozy live trading go below right now click to register and I shall see you in the class thank you goodbye