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the much anticipated revamped version of the Tesla Model 3 has made its debut though it's not yet graced the roads of the us though that's about to change what's truly intriguing is the substantial array of updates that it brings along with it touching upon virtually every facet of the car's makeup when a comprehensive transformation like this takes place it's customary for the price tags to experience an upward shift and the narrative remains no different for the 2024 iteration of the model 3 as this rejuvenated version has entered various markets the monetary figures attached to it have undergone increments when compared to its outgoing predecessor setting the spotlight on the fresh price points assigned to the new Tesla Model 3 we see a rise in figures across European locals casting our glance towards Germany for instance the introductory cost for the new model 3 rear wheeel drive is pegged at $46,500 equivalent to $2,990 a noticeable escalation of $1,090 or €1,000 compared to the previous generation similarly the new model 3 longrange steps into the arena with a starting price of $56,500 translating to 51,9 190 which stands as a grander figure than before by a margin of €11,000 in France an upward Trend in prices is noticeable the Baseline rendition of the 2024 model 3 rear wheeel drive claims a starting value of $ 46,700 corresponding to € 42,900 reflecting a surge of €1,000 whereas the model 3 long range Stakes its claim with a pricing of $55,100 or $ ,99 marking an identical surge of €1,000 the trend continues in Italy as well where each variant of the model 3 Bears witness to an increment of €1,000 in their respective price tags across these prominent European markets both guises of the model 3 are estimated to roll out to customers in the time frame of October to November in the year 2023 a detailed look of Tesla's configurator reveals that the price adjustments remain consistent across other significant European markets an intriguing deviation however emerges when we look into the United Kingdom website Tesla's online platform for the UK showcases the UR while model 3 within its configurational interface which Garners a sense of peculiarity particularly in the context of the recent availability of the new model 3 in regions such as Australia and New Zealand both of which fall under the category of right-hand Drive markets

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