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all right so the new list is out we're going to look at the top 10 retail stocks basically meaning stocks held by you and I you know the little guys not big institutional funds these are the top 10 stocks being bought up by us as retail investors and honestly this time around there were some shocking names on this list like I honestly I couldn't believe it I had to look again I mean it was just I don't know shocking is the only word I can use to describe some of these picks so let's go over each stock individually here today and kind of discuss each one and I'm going to kind of give it a grade either pump it or dump it you know obviously pumping it meaning it's a good stock I would buy dump it you know obviously I don't know it kind of speaks for itself there now just keep in mind I'm looking at this from a long-term Buy and Hold investor perspective I'm not looking at it from a Traders perspective there might very well be some great trades here and I'm not talking about that I'm talking about a long-term Buy and Hold here that's what I'm discussing so I just wanted to clear that up to make sure you guys understood the exact angle I was looking at this from and don't forget the sale ends today for my group so make sure you check out the pen comment down there if you want to see all my buy and sell alerts a real time which may include some of the stocks that we're going to talk about today my watch list complete with price targets which also includes some of the stocks on this list today if you want to take five courses for free use our stock analyzer tool for free jump on our live q&as you know slide into my DMs be a part of the best 67 and8 figure Discord out there there's just so much in there guys make sure you check out the pin comment down there and take advantage of the sale before the price goes up all right so coming in at number 10 is ape and guys you guys know my opinion on this whole thing right there it's a dump it for me that that was one of the most baffling moves I've ever seen management do but this management team has done a lot of baffling moves like buying a gold mine and a bunch of other ridiculous stuff like that I don't know it's just one of those deals it these are you're playing with fire at this stage it's a whole different type of investing altogether absolutely not Buy and Hold investing so I would stay far far away from shares of ape so yep it's a dump it for sure and that leads me right into number nine which is AMC which again obviously Falls right into the dump it category as well now again I'm not trying to get the Apes all riled up I understand there's a probably a trade there somewhere I'm just not a Trader I'm looking at this from a long-term Buy and Hold perspective and there just isn't any reason I love going to AMC and watching the movies no doubt I'll continue to do that it's wonderful whenever I get time to actually do something like that but I just can't say anything great about the stock at this stage this management team has continued to fail at every point and I just it's a hole that they're in and I'm not sure it's ever going to get itself out of and I have no interest in playing the other trading games that go along with those shares so again it's clearly a dump it for me and moving on to number eight is Ford and you know we we all know what's going on right now with the strike with everything else going on even without the strike this was not a good company at all their balance sheet income State all their finials are just complete trash loaded full of debt there's all kinds of albatrosses all over the place all kinds of landmines there there's a reason why they can't produce a vehicle for a great profit when we're talking about EVs and some other things like that there's just a lot of holes within this business model here and that's all before we had the whole strike situation and whenever those workers do eventually get paid man that's really going to hurt that bottom line and make those financials even worse than they already are so this for me is clearly a dump it so number seven is Apple and you guys know apple is my favorite stock of all time I own a bunch of it I love the stock I love everything about it so I'm going to say to pump it but I'm going to say it's to pump it with some caution because it is still overvalued just slightly and more importantly right now these type stocks all the safety stocks from last year that held up so well are starting to really get beat down so the momentum is also working against Apple so although this is a stock I love to own it's one I will continue to buy in the future if it continues to get cheap enough but it's not a just buy now and load the boat or anything else like that it is still a little bit overvalued so for me it's a pump it with a lot of caution to understand what you're buying and where you're buying it at this stage so number six is Tesla and again you guys know I'm a Tesla bull uh you know there's obviously a Tesla bulll on this channel I'm not as bullish as he is but I am a bull on Tesla so obviously this is a pumpit for me obviously I have a full position I don't need any more shares so that's why my price Target is so low we're probably approaching right around fair value or so maybe a little bit overv value but it's not horrible not anything like it's been in the past with Tesla obviously and not anything it's probably going to be in the future whenever it goes on its next epic run up but but nonetheless I got to still put it in that pumpit category but again kind of like it's not as overvalued as apple is but it kind of Falls in that same category be cautious and understand what you own because Tesla is a roller coaster it goes from significantly overvalued to significantly undervalued and everywhere in between and the swings come wild they come fast and I've never seen a large cap stock move like Tesla does so you just got to understand that and understand what you own so stock number five is catalyst Pharmaceuticals and honestly guys I have no clue here it's a biotech stock I don't follow biotech I don't understand the business models I don't understand how they make money so I absolutely cannot give even a a guess and it would be even worse than a guess it's literally just 50/50 so you choose it pump it or dump it I have no idea I don't even know why it's on the list I don't know specifically what they do there was just I went looking and I just I man the more I look the more I was like I have no idea so I'm going to leave that one up to you guys you guys comment down below is that stock a pump it or a dump it if you happen to know anything about it so number four is Walmart and man that's not a stock I expected to see on the list but it's on the list I can't say you know Walmart's a bad stock or anything else like that at all absolutely not going to say that so for me it's a pump it but same thing with apple and others it's with caution because it had a great run it's held up really really strong during the downturn last year and it's just that one of those deals to where it's trading kind of rich and you have to understand that so great stock but definitely proceed with caution with this one so stock number three is Robin Hood and guys for me I I just I don't like Robin Hood I don't like I agree the business model you know at times prints money other times it doesn't don't like the way they do business I don't like the way they treated their uh you know customer base during the whole GameStop GMC you know AMC thing and the way they handled that you know obviously Dearing and then afterwards I just I don't like anything about it something to me feels just a little bit sleazy a little bit off um you know I don't trust the product in general I've heard various things through my group where people have issues on the platform of course it always seems to be on a day where there's High volatility and just a lot of craziness going on that's always when the platform seems to have problems and I don't want that when it comes down to my investing I don't want somebody who doesn't put me first and I don't want a system or a program that does not you know work when I need it to work the most which is on those crazy days so for me this is a dump it so stock number two is Microsoft and again it's one of the best stocks on the stock market I have nothing negative say I don't own it um I just I just I've always owned Apple instead of Microsoft but I can't say anything negative about it valuation is a bit Rich right now not crazy but it is a bit Rich right now so you got to understand that but you know I got nothing bad to say about Microsoft it's a for me and stock number one is Amazon and you guys know I was buying up Amazon like crazy last year when it was in the 80s you know '90s hundreds doesn't matter Amazon's a great stock great future AWS is killing it there's just man and honestly it's not trading crazy it always trades expensive don't get me wrong it's always traded very very rich that's what's kept a lot of people out of this stock because they thought it was trading Rich you know 10 years ago and here we are 10 years later still trading Rich all that time they missed out on a lot of money in between then and now but that's okay for me I love the stock I'm going to continue to buy it this year especially if we get any sort of weakness in the stock so it's absolutely a pump it for me and remember to take advantage of the sale to join my group if you want to see those Buys in real time you want to see all my watch list with price targets you want to take five courses for free use that stock analyzer tool for free you want to be able to slide into my DMs jump on our live q&as you want to be a part of the best 6 seven and eight figure Discord jumping in there and helping you out giving you buy alerts showing you how to do evaluation all just everything in the world you can imagine is in there make sure you check out the pin comment and take advantage of the sale before the price goes up and click this video here if you want to see exactly what I'm buying in this market and click here to see my exact plan for this market so thanks for watching and we'll see you in the next [Music] one

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