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Hello friends James Stevenson I just had to do one more very short video on the last item in this week's Auto line news recap episode uh I'm just gonna play it for you and then react to it that's what's gonna go on but uh check in with Loki over there who just ate his breakfast and is now napping in bed then I'll share my desktop with you and play you the last segment of this week's Auto line hosted by Sean McElroy there's Honda's workers will literally give you the shirts off their backs the company started a unique recycling program where old uniforms worn by workers at U.S plants and r d centers are chopped up and turned into sound absorbing insulation that is then used in Honda and Acura Vehicles Honda uses about 45 000 pounds of uniforms a month which otherwise would end up in a garbage dump Honda has a goal of using 100 sustainable materials in its vehicles in the future but that's the end of today's show yeah so uh if there weren't if there weren't already enough reasons for you to buy a Honda or Acura uh Dyno Burning uh gasoline engine vehicle now there's one more every nook and cranny in that car will be stuffed full of Used Auto Workers garments so there you go uh that's that's that's today's episode if you've enjoyed today's episode click the like button subscribe you know whatever

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