After hours stock movers August 23, 2023: Nvidia, Snowflake, and Guess (Video)

three names for you on the board Nvidia Snowflake and guess let's kick it off with Nvidia the massive mover after hours we're looking at shares up just about eight percent in extended trading it was a blowout quarter from the chip maker from guidance to what they just reported here for their second quarter so let's break down those numbers Nvidia is seeing third quarter sales of 16 billion plus or minus two percent blowing past the Street's expectations for second quarter Revenue that came in 13 and a half billion up a hundred and one percent from just a year ago profit also topping the streets expectations Daniel Morgan telling us earlier in the hour that Nvidia is certainly defying All Odds It's a poster child for AI let's take a look at the recent moves in this stock chart because you can see it really hit the bottom over the last month just around the beginning of August that's of course when there were reports and concerns about the supply picture and whether or not Nvidia is going to be able to keep up with that demand that of course is still a concern but investors seem to be looking past that for now and taking a look at that year to day chart this is a stock that's up over 220 percent since January 1st of course we've been listening to the earnings call for the latest from Nvidia Executives but again massive numbers a blowout quarter from Nvidia and we're seeing some of that reflected in its Rivals the excitement there when you take a look at names like AMD broadcom Marvel all moving to the upside and the heels of this report even Tech Giant Microsoft that's up just about two percent here in after hours all right let's flip over to snowflake again some movement there in extended trading the company the cloud company reporting results the stock NOW up just about three and a half percent it has been fluctuating a bit here in extended trading product Revenue the company is seeing 670 million to 675 million so that guidance a bit lackluster when you take into account that the street was looking for 674.9 million but for the second quarter Revenue topping expectations up 36 from a year ago it's been a pretty tough environment for snow like we know the company has struggled a little bit with companies trimming some of their demand for cloud spending but again a pretty solid quarter overall the stock hasn't moved much since the start of the Year up just about eight and a half percent and rounding it out with guests another read here on the consumer the retailer popping just about 20 percent in extended trading uh Revenue beat for the quarter the company also raised their Outlook they see sales growth of two and a half percent to four percent for the full year year to date this is a stock that's still in the red off just about 11 and a half percent but still the stream very excited about the numbers that we just got here in extended trading with the gains in after hours of 20 percent