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well Amazon coming up on its biggest retail event of the Year Prime day will take place on July 11th and 12th and though the retailer giant has broken records on previous Prime days a difficult macroeconomic environment continues to raise questions about how long Amazon can deliver yeah who financed senior Tech reporter Ali garfinkel is here with the details hey Ali hi Rochelle so let's be clear about one thing this Prime day could absolutely break records with a couch now I want to start with the numbers because on the face of it they do look really good according to estimates from JP Morgan this Prime day could drive incremental Revenue at Amazon of 5 billion dollars that is up 13 year over year now the catch the pandemic boom we saw in e-commerce has sort of cycled back into an e-commerce bus and now what Amazon has is a difficult macro economic environment that they're running head first into as they're trying to grow into what JP Morgan expects will be the largest retailer in the United States next year now these macro headwinds really pressuring consumer demand they do mean that Amazon really has a hill to climb here but there is still evidence Rachelle that they could climb that Hill I mean obviously a lot has changed since Amazon first launched as a so-called you know bookstore killer but how is Amazon's supply chain evolved in recent years and how might that affect this Prime day so supply chain has really evolved in recent years because of the pandemic during that pandemic we really saw Amazon just rushing to get things to customers however they possibly could someone would send you know a mini fridge say from Seattle to Florida for example when in reality the idea would be that it's actually in Florida the reality is this Rochelle Amazon is on track for its fastest Prime day ever because of pages it has made since the pandemic and definitely changes it's made since being a bookstore killer so those times during the pandemic there were all sorts of problems with optimizing inventory now what does that practically mean um one Amazon executive I've spoken to previously was telling me that they had snow blowers in Miami and they had Kansas City Chiefs hats in Las Vegas and those things while they in theory could be there it is not the actual best way to do that so the goal is have over the last few years has been to really clean that up and the and eventually the hope is that translates to faster delivery times certainly some analysts expect it will but the moment the moment of truth will come on Prime day Rochelle will you and I get our packages faster that is the question and speaking of that Ali of course before we go have to ask you what are you going to buy on Amazon's Prime day I'm really on a home theater kick I just can't stop buying speakers no matter what I do I bought a subwoofer recently I bought a sound bar I'm thinking of getting two more speakers for the side of my sides of my TV and I think that that might be the limit for for my neighbors so I'm trying to think either I'm I feel like I'm old because I'm like oh I want dishes I'm like a carpet steam I was like what's happened why why am I this is never honestly I don't know whatever okay it's great a carpet steam review honestly maybe I'll go get a carpet steamer well we'll have a good sit down you'll have yourself your speakers going I'll be over there steaming in the background we'll make a day of it I love it I think we should do it let's do it as soon as possible after Prime day what if we get all our stuff fast that's the cat that's true depending on when we get it always great to have you on our very own Ali garfinkel

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