Analyzing Tesla’s Recent Performance 📈 | Tesla Stock Analysis: What’s Next? (Video)

hello and welcome back to this edition of daily actives brought to you by bootleg macro I am Dustin and we are looking at Tesla once again and one of the things that's most interesting to me is that you notice over the past two days we've seen Tesla with a green background in Black lettering that means that Tesla is in the normal distribution of its prep standard probabilities over the past 23 days now the one interesting thing that I do find is that currently we're seeing that the five-day moving average is above the 20-day moving average but the price is below the five-day moving average so I like to generally see when the price is breaking out that it's going to be about the five day moving average it doesn't mean a lot to me personally but I know that a lot of Traders pay attention to it so I pay attention to it too now we're looking at the one day moving average or the one day change here excuse me we'll say that it has been essentially unchanged it's moved seven basis points of the day that's not really a lot for our stock that's worth hundreds of billions of dollars but over the five day return we do notice that we've got a negative all of a sudden we went from 2.99 yesterday to being Nat down 3.5 over the past five days that is not a great signal we do want to make sure that we're watching to pay attention if the uh the 15 day the one month the three month and the six months are going to stay positive no doubt my mind the three month and the six month will stay positive but Tesla has been known to have 10 days so we'll be very conscious but what happens tomorrow we are looking at the signal here with the go along in the short term go along the intermediate term and go along in the long term that is very positive the one thing that I will point out though is that tomorrow we will be going bears in the short term and bearish on the intermediate term in terms of the trend for Tesla we are still bullish on the longer term Trend so that's very good to see we're looking at the sentiment one of the things that's most interesting to me is that Tesla's essentially been in the following bear and I know that doesn't mean anything to you but it is a representation of at least things starting to change since the 22nd of June now maybe the price didn't go down maybe the price continue to go up but all I noticed is that bullishness is not as much in control as it was before and sometimes that's just because you need an equilibrium because generally this indicator which represents a lot of this you can't get really above 60 and you can't really go below 40 sometimes you can when your things are as Extreme as Tesla but what I really want to look at here is I really want to pay attention to where is the volatility the volatility has currently been falling in Tesla which I like to see and then if the price correlation which is also falling is doing it can get very compressed bars you're gonna be moving to the side and hopefully you're going to see both of these kind of lips in the trade range kind of come together to make a tight range to let it break out again but tell me what you think in the comments below are you long are you sure do you like it do you love it is this even a good review and before you go subscribe to the new high newsletter comes out Sunday at noon I'll talk to you soon