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hello everyone welcome back to my YouTube channel before starting this video make sure to subscribe Channel guys uh if you are new in my channel on my channel guys so much to join my channel Chrome group guys because on telegram I share latest crypto signals guys join my telegram group guys and get unlimited crypto signals every time guys ARB token recently pumping very well 4.22 gains and lost 24 hour as there are more possibilities for ARP token pump more on netcast 4.22 percent gains as you can see here 1.16 US dollar is the current market price of ARB token gas so according to my personal opinion about ARB token guys currently possibilities for ARP the network dumb cash because it's now on a major resistance 11 gas so big possibilities that it will reject from this resistance line and the price will fall down this so if you want to buy a long position on the current market price so best time to buy and launch position has very short position though because the price will raise the points big from resistance to level guys thanks for watching guys for more updates yeah stay connected on telegram link is available next week

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